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Re: Emory Class of 2011
« Reply #290 on: May 24, 2008, 08:42:57 PM »
Well is sad to say...but somehow I got the courage to turn down Emory and the scholarship...I don't know what I was thinking and I hope I won't regret this decision. All I can say is enjoy!


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Re: Emory Class of 2011
« Reply #291 on: May 25, 2008, 06:40:14 AM »
Yeah, there are lots of outlets everywhere you'd need one.  Just be wary of careless classmates who may reach to pull out their cord and instead grab yours by mistake.  I've seen people lose a huge chunk of classnotes that way.


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Re: Emory Class of 2011
« Reply #292 on: May 27, 2008, 08:12:48 PM »
I hardly ever go without being plugged in somewhere... basically only for convenience if I just have to look up something really quick and can't be bothered to plug in.  You won't have any problem, every classroom has power at basically every seat, and there are outlets everywhere in the library too, as well as around the buildings.

Re: Emory Class of 2011
« Reply #293 on: June 16, 2008, 06:05:41 PM »
Hey if any of you guys want to get a jump on getting study guides for cheap I have a BUNCH of gently used ones and some that haven't even been cracked open. (I panicked and bought like 3 for each class).

I'm a rising 2L at Emory so let me know if you want to buy casebooks as well.  :) Just PM me or e-mail me at for a list of what I have.

I know you guys will be taking Torts, Contracts, Civ Pro, and Legal Methods so let me know if you want any corresponding study guides! (emmanuels, examples & explanations, gilberts, etc.).

Re: Emory Class of 2011
« Reply #294 on: June 27, 2008, 04:39:58 PM »
So..I'm looking for housing and I really could use some help.
I won't be able to visit Atlanta and I need to do this whole thing by internet.
So far I've narrowed my choices to

1) Calibre Woods
- Great reviews on
- surrounded by trees (it's called Woods), good for your health
- Commute is a problem. Would have to either take a long walk to take the Executive Park or Route A shuttle or drive all the way to clairmont, park there, and take the C or E shuttle. I mean the place is less than 2 miles away and it seems like it would take around 20 minutes to go to school. Why can't they just build more parking lots near the LS building???  >:(

2) Highland Square
- Relatively nice apt. compared to others near the school.
- Would take the E shuttle and I am guessing this will take another 20 minutes because the bus takes a left at and totally gives me a tour of the campus. I could insead drive and park at Peavine but that is so stupid!! Taking the shuttle from Peavine would take me more than 10 minutes to the school + driving to Peavine. The place is 1.3 miles from LS and just because I can't park I have to do this??? I want more parking lots!!!  >:(

3) Clifton Apts
- Great commute. Just have to walk and hop in the shuttle and this whold process would take about ten minutes.
- For some reason I am thinking this place is old and the only option that I have is on the first floor so I'm a bit worried about break-ins and all that. Can someone please tell me Clifton is a great place?? Anyone have experience living hear? How are the walls? Why is everyone in Atlanta complaining that they always hear their neighbors?

4) Post Briarcliff
- I don't have to park so that's a plus. I can take the shuttle! yeah!
- Famous for some crime last year(?). If I'm correct, there were some armed robberies and people are leaving this place.

Well, thanks to who took their time to read this but seriouly not one option is perfect. This is driving me crazy and I gotta decide soon. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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Re: Emory Class of 2011
« Reply #295 on: June 28, 2008, 06:57:44 AM »
There's lot of discussion on living plans on the Facebook group. But here's my input:

1. This is the place my husband chose (without me present.) Frankly, it's very old and the apartments seriously smelled. I asked if they had been cleaned and she insisted they had been. I just didn't want to live there. It would be about a 20 minute walk if you go through the park to get to the law school. Or you could take Houston Mill Road and park at University Inn across from the law school. (Yes, it costs more than Emory parking garages, but it's right across from the law school.)

2.Highland Square: Also pretty old. I didn't much like the management and according to some talk on Facebook, getting in touch with management there is tough. Not worth the stress IMO.

3. I didn't even look at them. They were last on my list of about 10-15 complexes and had already fallen in love with Gables Sheridan. Sorry I can't help.

4. There were some armed robberies last year. They have since hired a nighttime security guard and installed security cameras. They were pretty nice, good floor plans, reasonable prices. But many 3L's moved from there to Gables Sheridan. They complained about everything from the gate to crime.

Finally, I've been told by 2L's that the shuttle just isn't reliable. For the first few weeks at least you'll have to drive. Don't pick a place based on the shuttle route.

Many are happy with the Gables properties (Gables Sheridan, Gables Rock Springs, Gables Montclair.) My only warning is the parking at Montclair is pretty tight (not many places and my husband had trouble navigating it in his Tundra.)

Join the facebook group and ask there. There's more people on it (including 2L's and 3L's.)

Re: Emory Class of 2011
« Reply #296 on: July 01, 2008, 07:26:28 AM »
Another one to check out is Arbor Hills.  They have nice, spacious apartments for good prices.  It's also about 2-3miles from the law school like many other places.  I have an upgraded (granite countertops, all black appliances, w/d in unit, etc) 1 bed, 850 sq ft for $830/mo.  The non-upgraded ones are $750 and they still look pretty straight.  This is information for the Beech floor plan.  They have several other floor plans to choose from for diff prices. 


Re: Emory Class of 2011
« Reply #297 on: July 01, 2008, 10:08:07 AM »
Highland square is not that old, and it was fairly recently renovated.  They look brand new, and they are pretty efficient, energy wise.  Im not worrying about parking, I will either be walking or riding a motorcycle.  Driving is just too much of a hassle for something so close.  Also, Now that it is less than 2 months from when you want to move in, it should be a lot easier to confirm something, they have 60 day notices on renewals, so they are pouring in now.  Just my 2 cents, also, I got a 2 br for 155 below market price.