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Re: Cosmo is Waitlisted at her #1 choice - help!
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I understand from other posts that your extended family (for you and your husband) lives in the Boston area, right? 

I moved from Massachusetts way across The Mississippi for grad school years ago so believe me, I know what I'm saying when I say:  MOVING AROUND FOR SCHOOL IS A ROYAL PAIN AND NOT SOMETHING I'D EVER DO AGAIN.  I'm back in my stomping ground and I would never leave the area again.  If I don't get into law school around here then I just won't go.

Moving away from who you love and what you know -- even if it's for grad school -- will have effects on you, no matter what.   Sure, you can get over them, and possibly even benefit from some of the lessons you'll learn as you go through all that crap, but why do it?  Why put your husband through the new routine, having to change jobs and give up everything he knows and loves, and having to wait for you in a strange land?

I've known other grad students who are newly married and gone through all this and their marriages suffered.  Why put yours at risk?

My recommendation?  My recommendation is "WAIT."  Wait for BC because you've already determined that you're coming back here.  I think your husband would fare better around his peeps in his old stomping grounds and you'll be much more free to study as much as necessary because he won't be pressuring you to keep him entertained.  I've seen many grad school marriages end over the stress of the move and the boredom that the non-student endures. 

I say wait.    You're on a roll with applications and I'll bet that you'll get in eventually.  I say "WAIT."   But that's just me.

Re: Cosmo is Waitlisted at her #1 choice - help!
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Good luck Cosmo...I hope you'll get off the waitlist and get into BC! If its truly your #1 shot send them a LOCI and basically let them know as much. Its your life and you can never go wrong going after what you want the most. I know you were looking into FL schools too (as am I), but if Boston is where your heart is set at this point then don't give up just yet! :-)


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Re: Cosmo is Waitlisted at her #1 choice - help!
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I read this post from HippieLawChick on another thread and thought it might help you,

"I did this with the school I now attend.  I applied late and was put on "hold" (like a priority waitlist they said)  I sent an email to the Dean of Admissions essentially saying, "I haven't heard from you yet regarding my admission, but I wanted to clarify that for X, Y and Z reasons, __________ is my first choice for law school.  I will withdraw all other applications immediately if admitted."  I ended up getting in."

I think visiting in person could help too (even if you have already been there).  Also, is there any way to find out where you stand on the waitlist, how many students usually get in off the waitlist, and when you can expect to hear?  Asking these questions in person might allow you to gauge the answers a little better (it is hard to pick up underlying meaning from email). 

Don't know if this helps, but good luck with everything.