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my PS: the gay card & fertility (weird topic, but different enough to be good?)

i'd love to have some opinions on my PS.

i originally wrote a fairly safe PS that dealt with my teaching background and a severely abused student that i had that i ended up reporting to CPS and befriending.  it is kind of an emotional (but perhaps overly sentimental) story of my process of going through the legal system with this boy as an outsider and the influence it had on me in terms of wanting to go into law.

after a lot of feedback, i felt like it was too boring and safe a topic to write about.  teaching is a background of sooo many law hopefuls and, while i think that there are a lot of parallel skills between teaching and law professions, i wasn't sure that it embodied the passion i wished to express about my ambition for law.

i had a new idea but i was hesitant to throw in the 'gay card' as a means of sounding trite.  still, my idea surrounds the story of my partner and me exploring the fertility world of surrogacy and her decision to be a surrogate to a gay couple so that they could have a baby.  the legal issues that surrounded us were plentiful:  we were involved in contract issues, adoption laws, termination of parental rights, etc.  there are also issues to discuss about justice and fairness in that as gay people, laws currently define who and who should not be able to parent.

after doing this, i became more involved in gay parenting issues, specifically related to legal issues surrounding fertility and adoption.  i have a fantastic reference from an NYU journalism prof who is going to talk about the research i provided her with.  at the same time, i thought it would be appropriate to discuss the social and legal struggles that i have personally faced (such as marriage, for example) and how they have affected my life in the ability to practice/study law, not to mention given me so much passion for the study of law.

thoughts/criticism/feedback totally appreciated on this one, as i don't want to send out anything too extreme, but also wanted to write something quite unique.


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The g card can be played well, just make sure to take it somewhere and emphasize yourself and not what happened or the legal issues themselves.


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I think that you could write a really compelling personal statement on your experiences. It is much more interesting than the teaching thing, but you have to be careful to not really go off on a tangent with your own political views and opinions. Good luck :)