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I know this is a little off-topic (sorry Cosmo), but will you school specifically ask for NeedAccess if it's required?  From what I've seen at some of my schools (not accepted yet), they just want FAFSA.  I just want to make sure I'm not missing anything that could help me get $$$$.

Check your schools' financial aid website(s)... they are all different.

BC and BU require need access, GW requires Profile

Exactly.  Also, check to make sure your school doesn't have an institutional aid form (aka a form designed by a particular school for only that school). 

A number of schools that I've seen have the same policy as the one Penn has.  No parental information = no grants.

Some, I understand, have ways of waiving that requirement in cases like your's, cosmo.  Others are not so lenient.  The best way to find out is call the schools you're applying to and explain your situation.

CLS is like this...I got it waived though.