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Re: Transferring consequences... ?
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The order of the coif thing sounds fair.  The moot court team makes no sense.  I think my school has a seperate tryout every year and plenty of transfers participate.  I think transfers should be allowed to graduate with honors, though I don't think my school has an honors systems.

Re: Transferring consequences... ?
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It varies from school to school, but for the most part what you said in your original statement is wrong.  As a general rule, transfers can write on to journals, participate in moot court (this is almost a certainty), and are eligible for honors (although there may be a different policy for transfers, and this varies even more widely from school to school).


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Re: Transferring consequences... ?
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I have heard that transfer students are ineligible for Order of the Coif, cannot join moot court teams, cannot graduate with honors (cum laude/summa cum laude), etc.

Is this true?  Or does it vary depending on each school? 


Depends on the school, although I imagine few schools would block transfers from moot court.

Re: Transferring consequences... ?
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Probably varies by school, but here transfers could write on to journals/try out for moot court. They also can graduate cum laude, magna and summa. They are eligible for Coif but I believe that they have to not only be in the top 10% of all students, but also be in the top 10% of their transfer class.

Re: Transferring consequences... ?
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This varies a LOT from school to school.  The lesson:  Do NOT go to a school planning on transferring out.  If you're already at a school and want to transfer, carefully research the transfer application process at any schools where you intend to apply.

Most (many?) schools have their competitions for law review before transfer students are admitted.  Some but not all schools make special provision for law students.  At many schools, it is less than ideal.  For example, you might have to complete an extra writing competition entry (usually a substantial piece of work) before you know whether or not you're admitted.  Other schools exclude you from joining as a 2L, but let you join as a 3L (because of writing competition problems).  Generally, secondary journals seem much more accomodating than a school's law review or top journal.

The same reasoning applies to moot court teams.  Depending on the application process and competition timing, it may not be available to 2L students or transfers.  This depends not only on the school, but on the moot court program.  (There are many different ones.)  At Columbia, I can think of one or two moot courts that probably wouldn't be available to moot court students, either because they require a multiyear commitment or begin preparation before most transfer students are accepted.

The honors thing I haven't heard of, but it wouldn't surprise me if some schools excluded transfer students from these honors.  Law school grades are all about being "relative" to the other students, and a transfer student's first-year grades aren't on the same curve.  At Columbia, we do no do Coif and do academic honors by year, so transfer students are eligible for all the same honors.