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On the one hand I've heard that George Mason is an up and coming school in a pretty good location.  On the other hand the Ohio State University seems to be a proven school in a not so awesome location with cheaper housing.  Suppose both schools will cost the same tuition-wise, which school should would be the better choice?

Some background info:  I would like to do copyright law, but if that should not work out I'd like to have a broad range of of quality program options open at the law school I'm going to.  Also, I don't want to be pigeonholed into a particular region of the country, which is one of the few things that concerns me about GMU and their regional rep.  I guess I'd like to know how far up GMU will rise and whether they can overcome this limitation and whether this will affect the value of their degree in the long run.  Even though I'm leaning GMU right now, I don't want to dismiss tOSU without having some feedback from people who would possibly know more about their program. 

Any suggestions?

Re: GMU vs tOSU
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You should try to visit the schools if you haven't already.  After I took a tour of George Mason, I decided not to apply there.  I'm sure many people would like the programs GMU offers, but I don't like how the law school is situated and how it competes against a bunch of quality schools in D.C. and Virginia.

Not sure on Ohio State since I never visited or thought about applying there.


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Re: GMU vs tOSU
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You're going to be pigeonholed to a particular region to a degree regardless of which you attend

Re: GMU vs tOSU
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I went to GMU undergrad and now at HLS. I was happily surprised to learn that most people here (faculty included) think quite highly of GMU's law school and expect it to continue to climb in the rankings. Also, if you wanna work in DC being there already will make it a lot easier. Its particularly well liked amount the more conservative/libertarian types and is known for its work in L&E and to a lesser extent IP. I don't know much about OSU though. I don't think you'll find GMU's law school to be terribly regionalized, though it will certainly be easier to find a summer job in DC than LA unless your from LA for example.

good luck