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So... I've been accepted to NYLS, Pace, Suffolk, McGeorge, and today Lewis & Clark. I've been waitlisted at Villanova and deferred at Rutgers and Miami. I still need to hear back from Seton Hall, St. Johns, and Brooklyn PT. With my options (of my acceptances)...where would you all go? I know L&C is ranked the highest of my choices, and Portland is great and all that, but everyone I know and love is on the east coast (Im a jersey girl, dont hate hahaa) so I have no plan on living out there for good. Why can't law students just go to school wherever, and then get jobs where they want to live? :/

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Well unless you get into the top14, you should go to school in the general region that you want to live. L&C is a pacific northwest school.

So unless you have some family friends that are partners in law firms on the east coast, I would suggest staying in Jersey, the pimple of NYC  :P

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if you go to LC you'll never ever want to leave Portland fyi.

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thanks for the responses... and yeahh I heard Portland is great, I'm actually prob going to go out and visit it anyway..


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I am in a similar boat.  I applied to UO and L&C late, so I won't hear from them for a few weeks, but I anticipate I'll be accepted to both, maybe even with a scholarship. Most of the other schools I've applied to are on the East Coast. 

Here's my LSN link.

I, too, am torn about leaving it all behind and moving to a place that I know I will love.  I wonder how much I'll miss my family.  On the other hand, I really can't get all that excited about living in New Jersey (nor can my fiancee, who grew up here and wants to move on). 

It's tough.  PM me if you want to discuss it.