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you might consider Brentwood or Santa Monica. The further east you live, typically the less the rent. Unfortunately, Santa Monica, the Palisades, Brentwood, etc are all pretty expensive, so it depends how far you'd be willing to commute. West Hollywood is less, as is Westwood (by a little). Silverlake, Los Feliz, & the Valley are much cheaper areas, but a lot further.

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I would say that if you want somewhere in the middle Santa Monica would probably be best. Tf you want something cheaper I would say Calabasas, Woodland Hills, or Agoura Hills, but the only problem is those places are really close for you, but would not close to Beverly Hills (in fact the commute from any of those places to Beverly Hills is terrible).  If you are planning on going to Pepperdine I would also check with Colleen in admissions because she has some really cheap housing options around campus and the surrounding areas.  She gets a lot of landlords requesting Pepperdine Law students and she usually has some really good deals.

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Do any of you know about Pepperdine's projected US News Ranking for 2009? They are scheduled to be released at the end of this month, and there is some speculation on these blogs that Pepperdine is going to drop significantly this year. One post o n"Top-law-schools" purports that Pepperdine's drop in 2009 will be the largest in US News' History. This seems counterintuitive since Pepperdine has been increasing steadily and making improvements to its faculty. Pepperdine is my #1 choice, so this is making me a little nervous. Can anyone shed light on this?

Somehow I missed responding to this post earlier but I can tell you that there is no way that Pepperdine is going to drop.  Whether or not you believe these "leaked" rankings that just came out, I am sure that Pepperdine will go up because the school is underrated.  I also have a professor who is helped write the report to USNWR who says that the rankings should be going up again.  So Brian do not be worried at all!!!  You are going to a school that is on the rise.

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Thank you! It only makes sense that Pepperdine will be going up again this year (Friday!!!). They have been pulling faculty from top schools in California, selecting a more competitive student body, and will be shrinking the law school to accomodate smaller class sizes. I think all of these factors working together should make for improved USNWR rankings. I'll just have to wait for notification for a while longer since I applied on the Feb. 1 deadline.

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2009 US News Rankings are out: Pepperdine is ranked 59th, up 7 spots from 2008!!! Go Pepperdine!

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We actually got confirmation from a professor today that the school had been told that we had moved up to 59 so that ranking is actually legitimate in case anyone was wondering if the "leaked" rankings were correct!  Yay Pepperdine!

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Is there an environmental law organization on campus? If so, do you know what types of activities/speakers they sponsor, or do you have contact info of someone involved?
Does Pepperdine offer grants for students interested in doing public interest summer internships (including local or international human rights type work)?

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I know that we have one, but I honestly do not know of any events that they have sponsored or who is in charge of it.  There are also some environmental law classes.  There is regular environmental law, dispute resolution in environmental law, and if you go on the London Program you can take international environmental law.

Pepperdine definitely offers grants to do public interest summer interships for both local and internation type work.  They are actually very generous in this respect and really encourage this type of work.  They have also helped students to start programs internationally such as a program in Thailand and one in Uganda, and both of these have school funding.  Pepperdine is very willing to help out with Public Interest because they stress community involvment and it ties into their mission.  They also have a good clinical program to allow you to do different public interest jobs for credit.

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Thanks for taking questions!! I hope Pepperdine is giving you a commission. :)

I got accepted to Pepperdine and I am VERY excited about it and going to the open house in two weeks. I know that it is a Christian university and I am not Christian. Would I be shunned for that? I have a friend who went to Pepperdine for undergrad and had a negative view on politics and religion being forced down their throats. Is that the case in the law school?

Also, do you/have you ever lived in on campus housing? Are the rules about no alcohol/members of the opposite sex enforced. I'm not an alcoholic whore or anything, but I'm 22, can I really not have alcohol in my apartment? Living across from campus would be quite nice though. Do you recommend on campus housing?

Last question, how many hours a week do you REALLY spend studying/preparing for class?

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First off you will not be shunned if you are not a Christian.  I was particularly worried about this when I was looking at Pepperdine because while I am technically a Christian I do not actively participate in a church or anything like this.  I also have the unique experience of getting to go to Pepperdine for a semester in undergrad as a visiting student since I went to Tulane for undergrad and Tulane was closed after Hurricane Katrina.  I can say from personal experience that the two are extremely different!!!  The undergrad is very conservative and really do push Christian beliefs on the students.  The law school is NOT like that at all.  While there are professors who are religious a lot of them are not.  Religion does not come up in class (at least not in 1L classes, it does come up in some of the special elective classes that are supposed to be focused on religion, which you never have to take if you do not want to).  They will not force you to have any certain beliefs, but of course you want to participate in those activities they are available, but there is no pressure to join them.  I would also like to add if this will ease your mind, they are very accepting of people of other religions and if you need to take a day off to observe a religious holiday that is fine and teachers will often record class on that day (if they don't already) so that students do not miss out.  The faculty are also not all Christian.  My criminal law professor is actually a rabbi and he is actually the advisor for a relatively large Jewish law society.  The law school does a good job of separating law school and religion where it is appropriate.  They realize that to be a good law school they cannot be indoctrinating us, they need to be teaching us the law.

As far as the dorm situation goes, I know they are very strict about the alcohol thing.  It actually is not something the school has a choice about because when the land was deeded to the school it was done on the condition that Pepperdine would be a dry campus.  Basically the people that live on campus will go elsewhere to drink besides campus, and it is not something you really want to be caught with on campus because I believe the punishments are relatively severe.  I think they are pretty strict about the person of the opposite sex rule, but I've actually never heard of someone getting in trouble for that so I am not sure how strictly it is enforced.

As far as recommending the housing goes, it is nice (although your actual room is small) and it is really nice to be able to walk across the street and go home in between classes.  It is very popular among 1Ls to live on campus especially if they are not from the area simply because it is so convenient.  There is also a good community atmosphere on campus and it is a good way to meet people outside of your section.  While you will still have a lot of friends if you do not live on campus, it is harder to meet people in the other sections.  A lot of 2Ls do move off campus mostly likely because of the drinking rules.  There are plenty of places that are nearby that you can live off campus, where your commute will be relatively short.  Let me know if you need some recommendations of where to live.

The time that you spend studying sort of varies depending on the week.  When looking at the amount of time you spend actually reading and preparing for class it is on average between an hour to an hour and a half per time that each class meets.  That being said some classes are more and some are less.  Therefore I usually have about 3 to 4 hours of reading and preparing for class a night.  Next you have to look at outlining, which I would say is probably another 4 to 6 hours a week on average, but some weeks you will not really be doing outlining because you just donít have enough material to outline.  During the weeks when you have a Legal Research and Writing Assignment you tend to get a lot more busy and you will be spending a couple hours a night doing that plus several hours on the weekend.  If you have midterms and depending on whether or not they count you will usually spend an extra 4-10 hours.  Then during finals time you are pretty much study all day which some breaks to keep yourself sane and then whatever time you need to sleep.  So while this may sound like a lot, it is definitely manageable and for the most part the extra stuff is not going on every week and not at the same time (our professors make sure that we are not studying for a midterm at the same time as doing a LRW paper).  You will definitely have time to have a life and if you want to go out, you can.