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Barry Vs. Florida Coastal Law School

Barry Vs. Florida Coastal Law School
« on: February 21, 2008, 05:02:41 PM »
I've been accepted to both schools and waiting on a response from Stetson. Due to financial restraints I am force to go to law school part-time. However, I just can't decide which school offers better opportunities. Barry is attached to a parent university and has more alumni connections(from what I've seen) than Florida Coastal. FCSL has stronger admission standards and better moot court teams. I'm interested in teaching while going to Law School, because it's an improvement from my current $12 an hour and I get summers off (allows time for clerkships). However, FCSL classes are during the daytime which are the peak hours for teachers. Barry offers evening courses. What would you do and why?

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« Reply #1 on: February 21, 2008, 05:12:05 PM »
You want to teach while going to law school?  I honestly wouldn't suggest that you do that.  I have been a teacher for the past six years and it is a really demanding job and you will always have a ton of work to take home.  The summers off is a perk but the school district that you work for will expect you to work on professional development hours in the summer.  If you can, try to get a teaching job where you only teach half a day (although those are very hard to find) or just get a job that pays a little more.  Teaching is a real headache when you are trying to take on other things like graduate school.

Just a suggestion.

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I have to concur.  I'm a teacher ed student right now, and I have no idea how you could ever possibly pull that off.  If you did, you'd be a bloody superhero.  If you really need to work in that regard, just find a govt job or something with the bennies, considering they'd do tuition assistance, possibly.

It's not even that it's the hours of teaching, but seriously, if you're freaking about contracts, or torts, or something, how do you think you'll be able to devote 110% to the children.  You're there as a teacher for them, not just to collect a pay check whilst you get your JD.  I don't mean to be harsh, but law school and teaching full-time, not necessarily doing sub work, are mutually exclusive, in my mind. 

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If money is an issue and loans are not an option, take a year or two off and SAVE SAVE SAVE.

You may even be able to get into better law schools.

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Yeah, the hours of teaching definitely is something to consider.  You are there from about 7:30 to will have about 180 papers to grade and then you have to go to class and do your reading.  When would you sleep?  Just because we get summers off doesn't mean you won't work your tail off during the year.  But then again you might be awesome and can pull it off.  Good luck regardless!  I am leaving education because the kids are driving me nuts.  That and the stress of law school might land me in prison or a mental institution. :D