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has anything appeared on status checker? my decision was made on 2/22 and i didn't get my letter until last week. I'm in Toronto as well so it took about 2 weeks for the letter to come

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« Reply #81 on: March 12, 2008, 01:11:24 AM »
I wouldn't worry too much. They seem to be rather slow with admissions, etc. You have good numbers so you should be okay. I went complete early December and it wasn't until a couple of weeks ago that my status changed. It took another week and a half to get the letter to my parents house and they just live 40 minutes away! The moral of my anecdote is there's no need for panic, they're just backed up.

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I was pointed here when I posted looking for other Seattle '11 students! Is anyone else starting in summer, and/or going in the evening program? I work full-time at Microsoft, so I'm doing the part-time evening program rather than the day program.

I live in a 'burb of Seattle, so feel free to ask any WA questions!