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Northwestern 1L, Taking Questions

Re: Northwestern 1L, Taking Questions
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I've been interested in NW since I started looking at UGs...I ended up at a school in-state on a more than full scholarship but now that I'm looking at law schools, I'm hoping to be in the 5% of students who come straight from UG and get in at NW. I'm just now a rising junior and I haven't taken the LSAT but i've done a practice test and I think I'll be able to get my score into range for NW.  What do I need to do to get in? (my GPA is 3.64 but could increase and hopefully will) I'm highly involved on campus, I do have job experience in more than one area although clearly not full time, I'm studying abroad, and I plan on writing an honors thesis (30-100 pages).
As a side note I've wanted to live in Chicago since I was 13.
And a couple of other questions- is the environment at NW more "community" than UChicago?
How do scholarships work?
And finally, how does housing work?
Thanks so much!

Re: Northwestern 1L, Taking Questions
« Reply #31 on: May 21, 2008, 06:59:08 PM »
Prospects are decent for 1L's (usually around 1/3 of the class gets SA's) and really good for 2L's. Pretty much everyone gets a firm gig 2L summer, though because there's no ranking or any other such information disclosed, it's hard to say what cutoff, if any, there may be.  The vast majority of the students at the school end up in large law firms (See, making market.

There's secured access to a career services spreadsheet with grade distributions for 2L OCI callbacks by firm.  There are cutoffs.  None are surprising.

Also, that "no ranking" line may technically be true, but everybody knows what the honors cutoffs are.  Top 30% is around 3.7, median is around 3.3.