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Almost three weeks since I sent in my app and no LSDAS request; should I worry?


Topic title says most of it. I sent in my Michigan application three weeks ago or so (1/17) and they've yet to request my LSDAS report. I realized today that I forgot to check the box about joint degree programs, and sent in an email today apologizing for the error and informing them that I am not a joint degree candidate. Does Michigan normally take a long time to request reports, or is the delay something I can fix on my end (and/or fixed today by sending that email)?

It took about two and a half weeks for my application to go complete. I applied in late November. I'm sure they were flooded with applications around the time you applied. Good luck, hope it goes complete soon!
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Michigan hasn't requested my LSDAS report as well, and I applied a little over a week after you did.  It does seem odd because every other school requested it within a day of receiving the application, but I wouldn't worry about it yet.

They just requested it today, 2/7.
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I just had my LSDAS report requested today as well.

To any Michigan adcomms browsing the site: I only freaked out because I really really want to go to your school. A lot.  :D