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will they wait for me?

will they wait for me?
« on: February 04, 2008, 05:24:21 PM »
Okay so after the third attempt at this test, I can finally say that I walked away confident in a reasonably good score, one that will reflect what I was getting on PTs.  It also helped that I was admitted to two schools walking into the test, to boost the confidence level.

A few things I worked on, in case anyone is in this retaking mode -
diaphragmatic breathing
a med prescribed from the doc for lowering blood pressure
making sure to complete the first 10 LR questions in 10 minutes, keeping to 8 min per game and 8 min per RC passage

My question (s) - if a school is in the process of evaluating my file and see that i have sat for the feb test, will they wait?  If my file looks good enough with my current scores would they just accept me now or do they have to wait?  (this doesn't make sense to me because I was admitted to some schools already, but other schools that I am basically auto-admit have not accepted me yet)
If I get a rejection before the score is released, can I sort of repeal and say, "oh but you didn't look at this score?"
Should I call them to tell them to wait specifically, because I have a feeling that they will already have the information that another score will be coming?
If a school does not accept Feb scores, will a better score effect being moved up on a possible waitlist?

Does anyone have advice about this, possibly from previous years?  Specifically for:
Boalt (I can dream, can't I?)

Please please respond if you have any knowledge about February test acceptances!! thank you