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First post, first question

First post, first question
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I've been lurking on LSD since I took the LSATs back in September..I was trying to figure out when the scores were up and found a forum full of people nervously waiting for scores to be released.. I quickly turned into one of those constant refreshers when I realized the day I had decided to start looking when scores was actually the day the scores came out (it was a Friday?).  I just started lurking around again, trying to see when decisions were made and stuff like that. 

Let's see..I've got a 3.64/166, pretty average, I don't know.  I never knew there was such (for the lack of a better word) obsession and insanity over GPAs, median scores, percentiles, and uh, what exactly is an admissions index number?  For the most part, you all make me want to stick my head in the sand when it comes to law school. 

I applied late to law school it seems by most standards (all apps in on Jan 5th), and I've heard back from one.

I've applied to about 11 schools and I applied to St. John's Law cause its close to my hometown. I just got the letter this week, and they offered me a full ride. 

My big question is, is it insanity not to accept a full ride? Like say I get into Fordham or Cardozo, both schools I would love to go to, am I absolutely insane to go one of those, and not somewhere basically offering me a free education?

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Welcome. :)

No, it's not insanity to take a higher ranked school over a full-ride; most people do it.  Unless you're dealing with the very lowest ranked schools, you can almost always move down the rankings from your target schools and be offered a full-ride somewhere.  So no, certainly not insanity.  Is it the best choice?  That depends...what do you want to do?  Though I'm (very) far from being an expert, if you can answer that question, the feedback you get will be much more helpful.

Also, are there any conditions on the scholarship?  A GPA to maintain?

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No. It's not crazy at all. The reputation of the law school that you select will have a lot to do with where you are able to work afterwards, and this may have a lot to do with your future earnings.

You're going to get a lot of responses with variations on this, but what I'd suggest you do for yourself right now, this weekend, is go out and get a copy of "Law School Confidential by Robert Miller. It'll give you a very good overview of the whole process, and why you might really benefit from submitting that great LSAT score you've got in September instead of January.

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Hope I didn't come off as dickish in my other post. I guess I meant to say that the book covers a lot of issues, such as application times, regional schools, and why you might or might not want to accept money from one school versus another.

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Yea I really came into this whole law school thing pretty much on my own. I have a great advisor but unfortuantely he's not particularly down with the whole law school application process, so I was kinda stuck on my own and just did the best I could in terms of applying. He didn't get his letter in till late and I didn't know whether I could apply with only one  LOR in, so I waited till LSAC said both were in. Bad idea?

The LSAT score was a bit of a surprise, I was scoring in the 160-162 range on every single practice test, so then I kinda had to change schools I was looking at once my score was higher than I expected.  I was actually debating waiting a year to apply just from stuff I read on here. 

Only requirement for the scholarship is to stay in top half of the class. I know most discussion is pretty much ad hoc at this point (apps are in, seems like its pointless to apply anywhere else), but anything helps.

Edit: Not dickish at all  :)