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Re: W&L vs. GW
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Great Question.
Hard to answer.

I'd say we need more information.

Where do you want to work?
Where do you want to live?
What size classes interest you?

These would provide a better picture of which is best for you.

I'd personally go with W&L for both, even if I was interested in the DC market. W&L has the smallest size classes outside of the t-10 and within the T-25.  I've heard that they place well nationally and that they have a great international contracts/ contracts law program. All of which interests me.

But I am biased. I had baaaaad experiences with GW's undergrad and law school. Most people I've spoken to have had something negative to say about the culture of the institution. But then again, I'm coming from Berkeley and Oberlin--where Culture is EVERYTHING!

Re: W&L vs. GW
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I faced a decision like this last year.  GW with 5,000 a year, or W&L with 23,000 a year (also struggled with Vandy with no money).  I ended up choosing W&L with the money.  Would I do it again?  Probably.  At times this town is a bit stifling, and I miss the nightlife that DC would provide.  I'm sure they have more networking opportunities.  However, if you get a substantial scholarship (and W&L is quite generous), think long and hard about it.  I know I will be graduating from a top 25 school with less than 30,000 of debt.  It gives me a lot more flexibility when thinking about future jobs, etc. 

Back on point - you can't go wrong with either school.  If you can handle a small town (which at times I can't), then this is a great place to be, both academically and socially.  You get a ton of individual attention from professors.  I would count the schools as equals academic experience-wise.  GW may have a bit more pull nationally - so I would consider where you want to practice, and how much you are willing to go into debt.  If you have any questions I will try to check back - I'm not quite as much a part of the W&L lovefest as some of the others on this board, so I can give you a pretty honest take on the school from my perspective.

Re: W&L vs. GW
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Scenario 1: Neither school gives you any merit aid. Which would you choose and why?

Scenario 2: Nothing from GW and 10K/Year from W&L? Which one and why?

I think GW is a good school but 5k/year from W&L is the better choice. The student body at GW is way too huge. W&L on the other hand will provide you with a great education and you will be able to bond with your classmates. GW seems like it's the Hastings of the east coast - decent, but impersonal, large, and in a big city. They are very close, but with $$$ from W&L and its lower cost of living, the choice is obvious. Go with W&L.


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Re: W&L vs. GW
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I say W&L... the MUCH lower COL in Lexington will make a sizable difference in debt, and the small class size I think is a big plus.

Also, isn't W&L typically ranked higher than this past year's? Could be a minor fluctuation.

Re: W&L vs. GW
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I had to choose between these two last year, and ended up at GW (and I really like it here). I got a full-ride at both, but GW also offered free housing for 1L. I did the math and figured they'd be about even with the higher COL in DC, but realized I'd have to get a car at W&L.

If you have a car, and end up in Scenario #2, and debt is a concern, I'd strongly consider W&L. From what I've heard it's a great school, and if you don't mind small-town living, that's not a problem.

If it's Scenario #1, that's a much tougher choice. True, DC can be expensive, but you don't have to live right by school and can keep the expenses down. And you don't need a car here, but I'm not sure if that's a factor for you.

If you have any specific questions about GW, let me know. I'm a 1L so the only job related info I have is what I've heard from 2L and 3L's, and my summer search, but so far it's been great here.

Re: W&L vs. GW
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I gave you my opinion already, but I'd like to add that it will not be that cool to live a few blocks from the White House for 3 years.  After the first 2 weeks, it will stop being cool.

Agree. It will not be so cool after a couple weeks. Go with W&L. You will save a lot of money, get similar career prospects (I know this because I work at a top firm), and students from W&L seem to enjoy their experience more.