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Prestige of Santa Clara University Law / 3.35 Eng.


I have just graduated from my Undergraduate Computer Engineering program achieving a 3.35 GPA (Actually I had a pretty rough freshman year, my GPA for the last 3 years of college is actually closer to 3.6)

I plan to take the LSAT in the fall and am scoring around 165 on the practice LSAT's.  In the event I am able to score around 165, and based on my 3.35 GPA what are some good schools with a strong IP law prgram.

I am currently considering Santa Clara University law school, but I am a little concerned about the prestige of the name (being tier 2).  Would I be better off applying elsewhere in Calfiornia (Say UC Hastings, or USC?)  Do I have a shot anywhere Tier 1 with my scores? Are there any great schools out of state that I may want to consider?

Thanks for your help.


 I have heard that NY and Brooklyn Law have good specialized IP programs.  As for Santa Clara, keep studying for that LAST and hit 160-165 with your upper trend GPA 3.6 that law schools will look at if you are put inot the maybe pile.  You have a good shot at Santa Clara with those numbers.  Hope this is of any help (my last message to you was much more helpful but my internet connection froze and my post was erased) if you have need anymore detailed response just let me know becasue I have done a lot of research in admissions process and GPA vs. LAST etc... In order to increase my own chances of admittance to an IVYLAW program.

Your "in like Flint" at Santa Clara if you get a 165 on the LSAT. My undergrad is computer science and I have almost exactly the same stats as you - 3.35 overall, 3.55 over my last 3 years. Go to and look it up. Average GPA is 3.33 and LSAT is 156.

I think you could do much better than Santa Clara for what you want to do, personally.


Good Luck No matter where you decide to go.


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