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Anyone gotten into law school with "mature student" status and NO undergrad?

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Oxford Law is pretty prestigious, and they don't require an undergrad degree.

UK and US law programs are pretty different.

No undergrad, no chance at a law degree at UofT, York, UCLA, USC plain and simple, getting a 180 on your LSAT won't help.

You could potentially get a law degree from McGill, University of Montreal or University of Sherbrooke.  In the U.S you may be able to get a law degree from certain T4 schools like Cooley, which will essentially be a huge waste of time and money.

Best advice I can give is get an undergraduate degree if you're serious about a career in law.

I don't think you have a chance.  In most states I believe you have to have an undergrad degree for the bar (I could be wrong on this but I know it's the case in a couple.  A law school that would accept you without undergrad grades isn't one you want to go too.  If I was an employer I wouldn't hire somebody who didn't go to undergrad either.  Just go back and get your undergrad degree if you are serious about wanting to practice law.