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where is my rejection letter from ND?!


where is my rejection letter from ND?!
« on: January 24, 2008, 12:23:34 PM »
so i applied to notre dame at the end of october, and went complete mid november. i'm pretty much an auto-reject, as my LSAT is significantly lower than their 25%. however, i havent received a decision from them yet. i noticed on LSN that a surge of people who applied around the same time, and even after me, received their rejections about two days ago. what is going on here?! if they're going to just reject me, i wish they'd just put me out my misery already :( anybody have any thoughts about what's going on?

BTW, i have pretty good EC's, im assuming my LOR were good, and i've received really great feedback on my PS. i wrote an additional addendum discussing how my father, 3 uncles, and cousin all attended ND for undergrad, and were ridiculously involved (varsity soccer, student body president, etc). however, since i'm not a legacy to the law school itself, i doubt this carries any weight.