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Minority Law School Enrollment Declining

Re: Minority Law School Enrollment Declining
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While on the subject of declining enrollment of minority students, I'd thought I'd throw out some statistics about Puerto-Rican-American law school students: The number of Puerto-Rican-American law school students has been steadily declining for over a decade, despite a growth of about of roughly 12.5% in the number of stateside Puerto Ricans occurring over the same time period. A statistic drawn from ABA data indicated that in 2007, only about 130 J.D. degrees were awarded to Puerto-Rican-Americans in the U.S mainland, which is about 10 degrees less than the amount awarded to Puerto-Rican-Americans in 1989. Presently, Puerto-Rican-Americans account for about 1.5% of the total U.S. population, or roughly 4,000,000. According to ABA data, in 2007, the median percentage of law school students who identified themselves as Puerto Rican was about .2%. Currently, the vast majority of U.S. law schools, have no Puerto-Rican-American students in attendance.
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Re: Minority Law School Enrollment Declining
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I'd complain about the article not mentioning Native Americans...but as another LSDer once said, "We're like the unicorns of law school."
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