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If I got waitlisted, should I assume no big scholarship $$$ coming my way?

Do you guys think it's safe to assume that if I got waitlisted at a school, if they do end up admitting me they won't be backing a truck of scholarship money up to my house?


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Vandy gave scholarship to someone they accepted off the WL last year. Does this mean anything? Dunno. But it has happened.


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Except for a few outliers, (yield protect WL that wanted in, etc) you will not get scholarship money off the waitlist.


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That's gotta be the most awesome emotion swing. 

A friend of mine got into UVa off the wait-list in May of last year. He received a phone call abou getting off te wait-list. They asked where he had sent a deposit. He told them Vaderbilt, and they were like "by the way you get some scholarship money too." The strange thing was that the amount was th same as Vanderbilt offered without his telling them what it was. But it does happen that people get money off the wait-list. He applied laete thoug so that might explain it.