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What are your thoughts on Syracuse Law?


Re: Syracuse?
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If it's one of the best schools you can get into, then go. 

I was born and raised in Syracuse, however, and find it to be one of the most depressing places on earth.  You will most likely only be able to swing a job in Syracuse or an even smaller, more pathetic upstate town with a Syracuse law degree.  Most people in Syracuse are defeated, socially-conservative, 10th generation townies and everyone knows everyone after about 10 years. 

SU is basically infested by downstate clones - guys with blow-out haircuts and fake Sopranos-esque accents; girls who all must have the same North Face fleece jacket and communications major.  It's a sport-town with bad sports teams.  It's a town that loves drinking, but has crappy bars. 

Basically, if you can go anywhere else with similar stats, go.