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Fake ID - what are the consequences?


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Re: Fake ID - what are the consequences?
« Reply #20 on: October 10, 2007, 01:45:45 PM »

I won't be drinking any alcohol and I know how to act responsibly.

Because breaking the law is responsible! Man, can you teach me how to be a real adult?

Breaking the law isn't necessarily irresponsible.  Many laws are stupid and pointless, and can actually result in harm if blindly followed in all circumstances.

The whole point of the ID law is to prevent minors from drinking.  If he's not drinking, he's not violating the spirit or intent of the law.  If he otherwise behaves responsibly, (and doesn't get busted for the ID), he's unlikely to face any negative consequences.  Nor should he, really.

All that said, it is at least possible that he could get busted and then face charges that could interfere with law school admissions.  So in that sense, the entire idea could be seen as irresponsible.  But it's not the breaking of the law, per se, that would be irresponsible in this case -- it's simply running that risk.  If he could somehow be assured he wouldn't be busted, there would be nothing irresponsible about it.

I don't think people care if their act is considered irresponsible; they just don't want to get caught because of the legal consequences. Is the OP going to write an addendum to law schools saying, "I acted in a responsible manner, although I did break the law." I'm sure adcoms will understand, not.

But who cares? It's using a fake ID. Who sticks around after getting caught with a fake anyway? Is the OP going to just stand there and wait for the cops to get there? Worst case scenario he gets caught and waits like an idiot. If he doesn't have a record it's going to be dropped to a misdemeanor anyway. How many thousands of attorneys applied to law schools with at least a misdemeanor on their records?