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UChicago ED Roll Call

Re: UChicago ED Roll Call
« Reply #170 on: July 04, 2009, 07:52:43 PM »
I'm breathing easier. An A+ salvaged my semester. I think I'm okay... Def. need to drink this process away :)

Anyways, does anyone know if there's a fb group to help with this transition? I know there is a c/o 2011 group, but I still haven't been approved. Is the smartest thing for housing to just go with the school's housing suggestions? And is orientation really August 14th???!!!  :o

Well, I don't think July 1st is a solid date or anything - they aren't going to rescind our acceptance as punishment for our lazy professors, or at least I certainly don't think they would.

I sent McKellop a transcript representing what I have so far (though I sent it in before Property came through yesterday). Best of luck junkie, I certainly hope you don't get rescinded. How bad is "wayyy down?"

Us ED folks- accepted and deferred/accepted alike- are going to have to grab a beer once we're in Chicago, to reminisce about this hellish month and a half of fingerbiting we are going through. And about the LR write-on, which is quite possibly one of the more intellectually painful things I have ever had to do, particularly given the miniscule chances of actually getting on to LR. I'm not that interested in Legal Forum (awesome concept, but I'm not in to Crim Law, which is its focus for this year) or the Intl. Journal.

Re: UChicago ED Roll Call
« Reply #171 on: July 07, 2009, 03:01:33 PM »
Just got my official "we have your transcript, and you're in" letter today!

And yes, holy crap at orientation being on the 14th. I suppose that is only one week before OCI though; it makes sense.

I just signed a lease at Regents. I'll probably try to get something else for 3L, but it seemed like a nice place.

Edits: congrats junkie--see you in August! I imagine we'll get all the info we can handle about the transition during orientation.