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Hastings Bound

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Hastings resurrection
U Conn Law Dean Newton to be New Hastings Dean
Nell Jessup Newton, currently Dean of the law school at the University of Connecticut, will be the new Dean of the University of California, Hastings, from which she graduated nearly twenty years ago. 
 >:( Hastings has been treated badly by U.S. News; probably only Wisconsin has fared as badly at the hands of the U.S. News criteria that reward a school for being small and private.  U.S. News to the side, I've often heard folks remark that Hastings is an underperforming law school; when you consider that it's part of the prestigious University of California system surely it should be unambiguously top 20 or better? 

Could Hastings accomplish what NYU did in the 1990s, i.e., exploit its location to recruit a first-rate interdisciplinary faculty?  That must surely be one of the challenges facing Dean Newton as she takes the helm.  As Dean Newton remarked:  "I am excited about the opportunity to lead Hastings as it secures its place as one of the best law schools in the country."  Many in the legal academy will watch with interest


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Re: Hastings Bound
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