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Seeking stories on law firm bullies

Seeking stories on law firm bullies
« on: February 02, 2007, 10:55:18 AM »
I'm a law professor at Catholic U. in DC.  I'm involved in planning the ABA National Conference on Professional Responsibility, which will be in Chicago May 30-June 2. We are doing one session this year exploring how lawyers and law firms respond to lawyers within the firms who bully or verbally abuse lawyers and staff. I think there's too much bad behavior within law firms that is ignored or tolerated. I am especially concerned about abusive behavior by senior lawyers.

So... we need your help.  We're looking for stories about lawyers who behave badly to their co-workers. If you have such a story, you could email it to me at  Please describe the context (like firm size) and details about one or more incidents. If possible, tell me a little about yourself (like what is your position in the firm) but I do not need to know the name of the firm, the name of the lawyer(s) described, or your name. I would like to be able to retell some of the stories, but I will omit any identifying information. If you have suggestions about other discussion boards where I might post this query, I'd welcome them.  Thanks.
Lisa Lerman