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Notre Dame Admit Day (2/25)


Notre Dame Admit Day (2/25)
« on: February 28, 2005, 06:28:12 AM »
I was able to visit Notre Dame this past weekend. Their law building is the second nicest I've seen (WUSTL's is hard to beat.) Its the fourth open house/admit-day I've been to, and they've all been pretty similar (Dean speaks, alumni and current student panels, financial aid presentation, annoying admit-day gunners.)  I'll just focus on a couple things that stood out.
I was worried about the Catholicism, but it didn't seem that bad. A current student said "ND is as Catholic as you want it to be" and I'm inclined to agree. If you're can't stand being around religious people, its probably not the place for you. but no one was acting like Mandy Moore in "Saved" (which was what I was afraid of.) Side Note: Since its lent and it was a Friday, they didn't feed us meat. If you go to an admit day before Easter, you might want to bring a sandwich or something for the day.
The law school really did come across as a community instead of a collection of students. It seemed like they're not competitive at all, and they (faculty and students) will really look out for you and try to help if you're struggling. The class we sat in on was really "Socratic-lite"  and the students I talked to said no professors really grill their students.
I still have to visit Wash. & Lee in March, but its going to be hard to top ND. Too bad South Bend is a toilet of a town. I met a couple of LSDers and they made the trip fun, but without them I would have been bored out of my skull the two nights I was there.
btw, Every school I've visited said something like "We're not Harvard, we don't tear pages out of books, etc" I wonder if at Harvard's admit day, they say "We're not like we used to be..." It would be cool if pages were ripped out of their admit-binder.