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Scholarship opportunity from Duke (sort of).....


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Scholarship opportunity from Duke (sort of).....
« on: February 14, 2005, 05:15:44 PM »
Good afternoon,

In light of your recent acceptance by the Duke University School of Law, we want to call your attention to a scholarship opportunity.  The Smith Moore LLP Scholarship is designed to promote law school opportunities for outstanding minority students and to enhance the likelihood that minority law school graduates will practice in North Carolina, or the Southeast, particularly in larger law firms. 

Smith Moore LLP will provide two $5,000 per year school scholarships to outstanding minority students with North Carolina or Georgia ties who anticipate entering the private practice of law in the Southeast after graduation from law school.  In addition to the award of scholarship funds, each scholarship recipient will also work in one or more of Smith Moore's offices as a summer associate following their first year of law school.  Scholarship recipients are not required to work for Smith Moore LLP after their second year of law school or after graduation, although Smith Moore may extend to the recipient a return offer for summer employment, or an offer of associate employment.

The Duke University School of Law is working with Smith Moore LLP to increase the number of minority attoneys practicing law in North Carolina and the Southeast, and recommends that all minority students admitted to the Duke University School of Law consider applying to the Smith Moore LLP Scholarship.  In light of your recent admission to the Duke University School of Law, please refer to their website at to learn more about the Smith Moore LLP Scholarship and download the application form, if you choose to apply.  Please note that the application deadline is March 30, 2005.

If you have any questions anout The Smiht Moore Scholarship, please feel free to contact Katie LeMere, recruiting coordinator for Smith Moore LLP.  Katie's direct dial number is <redacted>

Congratulations on recent admission to the Duke University School of Law.

I'm bringing this up for two reasons:

1) The email subject line is, "The Smith Moore LLP Scship", which is easy to miss (Duke continues to be inept at putting proper subject lines or FROM Id's in their emails).
2) It says I need Georgia or North Carolina ties. Is attending school in Duke sufficient? ???. <-- Direct link to the scholarship info.


Re: Scholarship opportunity from Duke (sort of).....
« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2005, 02:00:38 PM »
I got this too. It seemed kind of random to me. Plus, from my understanding of it, you'd have to show that you intend on staying in the area...which I don't, so I deleted it  :)