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Current Law Students / battered 1L would like advice.
« on: September 27, 2005, 10:52:30 AM »
Hello all:

I am in the begining of my 2nd month of my 1L 1st semester. I feel lost, frightened, and rather confused at all times. I study at the library about 7 hours a night on avg, (2pm - 9 or 10) and on the weekends spend my days there. I feel as if I am not catching the socratic method and feel almost bogged down with the material as the teacher doesnt necc. say much towards it but allows people to kind of compass their way to a possible answer. I dont sleep much, my smoking habit that was all but gone has flared to a pack a day, and I barely eat. I find it difficult to concentrate and have a sinking feeling and extreme fear of failure. Being completely honest here. I read all of my stuff, stay slightly ahead, and when I study in my study group and were orally going over the material, Im quite quick and it s hows that the material is sinking in, but in class, I feel lost, and far too tempted by the internet. I tend to turn of my WLAN so that I dont have the option to surf. I have study guides and notecards that really help me understand, but once again, teh class methods just throw me off. My favorite classes are civ pro and writing, I dislike torts and contracts mostly because my teachers seem more disinterested in the subject matter than the stoner in the back row... Id greatly appreciate any advice you guys can give to help me out in getting over these rather unpleasant and foreboding feelings. I dont like it and would really like to succeed in this endeavor. Please Advise.

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