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I have sent personal thank yous to every person I met with at each law firm (via email).  I try to include at least something we discussed, and try to affirm my interest in the firm.  I have gotten offers from essentially all the firms I interviewed with.  I think it's rude to ignore anyone you met with, and only email the "important" people.  Of course, if you really connect with someone, send them a longer email.  Also, I only email recruiters if I met with them for more then 5 seconds (otherwise it just seems weird).  I go to a good school (CCN), but my grades suck, and I have five V5-V20 offers.  So interviews and the impression you make can definitely make a difference, at least in my experience.

Job Search / Re: below-curve hls 2L re: oci prospects
« on: September 11, 2008, 08:18:06 PM »
Maybe this will give you some perspective:

I go to a CCN school. I have approx. a 3.2 GPA with some A/A- grades and some B+/B/B- grades (obviously more of the latter).  I did about the same first and second semester on average.

I had many OCI interviews.  I did most of the V20, some V40, some V60, some V80, some V100, and a couple random firms that have occasionally made it into the V100.

I had callbacks with about half of my OCI firms.  I got callbacks from almost all my firms below the V20, with a few exceptions. 

So far, I have gotten offers from nearly all of my callbacks (12 of 15), and have not been "dinged" officially yet.  I have offers from 4 of my 5 top choice firms, and have yet to interview with the last one.  I have offers beginning in the V20-V30 down to beyond the V100.

You should be fine if my experience is any indication.  Just for some background, I went to a good undergrad, and have limited relevant work experience.  I am on a 2d tier journal and have no law school awards, but am in the leadership of two major law school organizations.

Good luck!

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