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Politics and Law-Related News / Re: POTUS
« Last post by cinnamon synonym on July 31, 2017, 12:36:05 PM »

Lets make sure we know why final trump was elected and might be reelected.

1. Particularly Democrats and Republicans have promised to fix some basic and many complicated problems in the united states.
For many years it has been the same old shitt......republicans are at fault but mostly democrats.
...many democrats do not get it and probably never will. To bad. Donald trump is your boss now.
 the Russian bullshitt is and will not go anywhere....we know that is bullshitt too. Democrats think its real. It is not. More waste of time.

Obama was gridlocked because he was trying to sell more shitt.

The economy is a mess because of open trade borders and it needs restraint. Trump is the Rasputin.
Get it.

Americans are sick and tired if political "bill Maher" correctness.
Political correctness is more bullshitt.
"identity politique" is xenophobia and bigotry. And open immigration is a major problem in America. Plus, everybody in the USA is a descendent of immigrants, except for aboriginal Americans, like those who own casinos and own territory.

So, immigrants need to get in line...even doctors and nurses and start the process legally.

Security checks coming into the USA are not bans....they are security when you have to take off your shoes at the airport to travel from Chicago to NYC.
Tough shitt if you think it is a ban.
More bullshitt.

Jobs jobs jobs careers and college to careers are what we need.
Not people who speak like hiliary Clinton harry reid Nancy Pelosi Barbara retired boxer chuck shumer....the sell out from Massachusetts who was correctly told to wait til her next time to speak---and John McCain.

Term limits need to be established in federal government but since James Madison that will take some time because no one with a back bone gets through.

So until then loudmouthed gruff curt blunt people like trump are going to get elected.

Many Americans are sick and tired of social programs which have no fail safes.

Voting on economic issues are the most important issues to most Americans on the federal level........not social issues like spending money on abortions and more social programs.   we need a break from this and while social programs are wonderful they need to be tapered in a bit.

People need jobs first....infrastructure is the primary focus of most americans---even if they don't know it.

Spend money on that first and then get private businesses to add in to the work.

Germany makes wonderful beer in each hamlet, town and city....but they are not bringing in Anheuser bush and Budweiser....they are protecting their unique product.
There is nothing wrong with this.
Some is good but restraint is needed.

So social issues and spending will now take a backseat for a while till we get the reins in hand.

Americans are sick of elites who say Americans hate gay people and don't care about female rights and immigrants.  This is disingenuous stupidity.

We need to blow the system up...drain the swamp....focus on term the bums bullshitt when we smell it and get some spending on jobs, careers and helping people get to college.

Trump is that quixotic agent that fix with democrats and Republicans minds.
Law School Admissions / Low International GPA - Any Chance for Law Schools?
« Last post by Sreya on July 30, 2017, 01:03:50 AM »

Hello all,

I am an international applicant (from India) with a low GPA. I have a lower 2nd division (53% out of 100) akin to a UK 2:2 in my Hons. The WES equivalent to my  GPA is roughly coming as 2.3-2.4.
I have no failing grade however . In my first two years I had a third division, and in my last year I improved my grades quite a bit and scored a high 2:2 - leading to an aggregate 53%.

In my defense , my University is known to have one of the harshest grading curve ever - the median is 2.0 to 2.6. And I had rather poor studying methods which didn't work in my favour.

I have scored a 165 in my LSAT diagnostic. Of course I know that indicates nothing, as plenty of people had good to amazing scores on the first LSAT diagnosis and went on to score below average or meh LSAT scores.

Though I have no failing grade, I am fearing that my CAS/LSDAS GPA might come to below 2.0. I cant find anyone from UK or India who have applied to US Law schools with grades similar to mine. Hypothetically in the worst case scenario - less than 2.0 LSDAS/CAS GPA, can I end up somewhere worth going, if I can get a 170+ LSAT?

If there are any LSDAS experts/veterans here or any UK/Indian applicant here who can help me predict an approx CAS score, I'd be grateful. Because if the aforementioned worst case scenario does occur then, I don't know if a high LSAT would save me.

Given my disastrous UGPA, I am not contemplating T1 schools. A good T2 50-90 will be more than enough for me. With a good LSAT is a good T2 law school reachable?

Please help. Thank you. 
Politics and Law-Related News / Re: POTUS
« Last post by cinnamon synonym on July 28, 2017, 04:06:08 AM »
Oh yeah, almost forgot- bigoted self loathing xenophobic
 "identity politics"--
Politics and Law-Related News / Re: POTUS
« Last post by cinnamon synonym on July 28, 2017, 04:03:55 AM »
Some, some may buy a book about a loser....much more would rather read about her cantankerous personality disorders and true failings.
Politics and Law-Related News / Re: POTUS
« Last post by cinnamon synonym on July 28, 2017, 03:59:50 AM »

....some people will buy a book about a loser like Hiliary Clinton although she lost because she
Is a congenital Liar and people know it....she us beyond diaingenuous---"put coal miners out of business"...those who votes for real...visceral...radical change from years of bullshite, political correctness get nothing done Harry Reid politics as democrats are a "basket full of deplorables".
Has a pay for play scam in place as secretary of state with her foundation.
Is caught lying about arriving in Bosnia under a hail of gunfire only to be discovered arriving waving and smiling.
Was busted by the cops mishandling and destroying classified information after trying to cover it up surreptitiously.

Let people die in Libya with no real security.
Stands over dead corpses at a funeral in front of their mothers and blames a YouTube video

And blames everyone but herself for her problems.

People would buy that book for sure.
Less the former.

Fuxk Clinton...she is on the assh heap of nixonion history-- but worse.
At least he became president and went to China.

Politics and Law-Related News / Re: POTUS
« Last post by cinnamon synonym on July 24, 2017, 06:57:37 AM »
....Clinton foundation? Done

Trump won.

Draining the swamp...

While media fixates on Russia, trump does what he he feeds the story to keep it alive and distract democrats.

It's working...
General Off-Topic Board / Re: <<<[[ THOUNGE ]]>>> (Newbies Welcome) POll: Free Will
« Last post by Thou on June 21, 2017, 07:07:17 PM »
Law School Admissions / Re: Doing Worse on Second LSAT? Should I Cancel?
« Last post by loki13 on June 15, 2017, 05:47:34 AM »
So, first some general thoughts.

The LSAT is, in part, an aptitude test. That means that no matter how much you prepare, no matter how much you study, there will be a ceiling to your performance. I say this with caveats; like any standardized test, you can get a few points by understanding test-taking strategies. You can be more comfortable with standardized tests. On the LSAT, in particular, people can increase their LG scores to a certain point by understanding how they work. But once you get past that point, you quickly hit diminishing returns. It's my experience (both having taken the test and done very well and having tutored individuals to take the test) that most people perform optimally, with preparation, the first time. Sometimes the second time. If you keep studying and re-taking the test, you'll burn out, because there is a limit to how much you'll prepare for it.

A 162 is a fine score. It's ... low for T14. But certainly doable for GULC (Geogetown) and the like. Apply to several and see what happens! As for the second test- it depends on your comfort level.

Please note that due to a nearly decade-old change in ABA policy, different schools have different policies regarding multiple LSAT scores. You can look them up! The usual rule is that they will take the highest score, but it varies ... and policies get a little wonky with some of the T14. I know that many top schools view taking the LSAT more than twice as a not-great signal.
Law School Admissions / Doing Worse on Second LSAT? Should I Cancel?
« Last post by greysonfitzgerald on June 14, 2017, 07:39:00 AM »
I just took this past June LSAT, and I'm trying to weigh my options. This might be excessively long, so I apologize in advance. Any input would be greatly appreciated!

This June LSAT really killed me. I started off with the LR experimental (which is arguably harder than usual) and then proceeded to the RC (which, like the LR experimental, is considered to be of elevated difficulty--coupled with the fact that RC is my worst section). By that time, my spirits were already crushed and I was feeling very uncertain about my performance. The only section I nailed was LG, which the general consensus is that it was ridiculously easy.

For the past several PTs that I've taken, I have been able to accurately predict my performance. The questions I mark for BR are the ones that I miss. On this test, however, I felt as though I was doubting every other question and had to blindly fill in the last 3-4 questions for each section (except LG) because of poor timing. I've been PTing in the mid 160's thus far.

I also wrote the Feb LSAT and scored a 162. In contrast to this exam, I was only hitting 158's during that prep. I felt pretty bad about that exam too, but it some how turned out significantly better than what was projected from my PTs. Whilst I'd like to hope that the same thing will happen for the June test, the fear of scoring the same (or worse) is terrifying to me. I'll be applying with a 3.92 GPA and am focusing my efforts on the lower T14 schools (Georgetown, Cornell, Northwestern, etc.).

In short, I'm trying to figure out what I should do. Either:
   -Cancel my score and stick with my 162
   -Cancel my score and try again in September (though I honestly don't know if I have the mental stamina to retake again)
   -Keep my score with the hopes of doing better

And if I do keep my second score and it happens to be worse/ the same, how negatively does that impact my application to low T14 schools? Would a 3rd exam make up for it?

Job Search / Re: Interns, Volunteers and Assistants needed for Harlem Archives!
« Last post by eferreira on June 09, 2017, 02:36:54 AM »
I'm also looking for voluntary job but I live in the northern part of the U.K. and I guess the offer is not in the U.K.  I'm open to an offer please.
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