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 on: Yesterday at 02:36:27 AM 
Started by cinnamon synonym - Last post by i VIII π
With gay marriage now legal on the fed level and republicans on the state level trying to find ways to block it (or at least slow it down somehow) I have given up all hope for them to win. Plus the hole confederate flag deal (ironic how that has become a NON democrat supported thing out of the blue....what whateves) plus immigration as usual. Gays and every race and gender that isn't anglo saxon Christian male.................its game over man. Forget the women and children, push them overboard and get to the lifeboats........THIS BEEOTCH IS GOING DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :o

 on: Yesterday at 02:33:02 AM 
Started by LawMom_1908 - Last post by i VIII π
Its going to be a hell of a ride............but if you survive it, well........let's just hope you survive it. Lets not scare you too much about what is on the other side of the tunnel until you get there. ;)

Its good you are doing a blog though. Hobbies are a good way to get the mind sane. FAR too many forget that. You'll know who they are in class when you see them too. Its not hard to spot.

 on: June 28, 2015, 11:48:35 PM 
Started by LawMom_1908 - Last post by LawMom_1908
Hello All,

I am new to this discussion board but I'd thought I'd introduce myself and share a little about a blog that I am working on. My name is Tina and currently I am a 2L. I plan on practicing Sports Law and doing pro bono civil rights work after I graduate and pass the bar. The purpose of my blog is to support moms that are in law school. I have three little ones and while being both a mom and law student can be rewarding many times, it can also be brutal. My blog will be a place of support and encouragement for us moms who occupy the dual roles of mom and law student. There will be advice for staying focused and organizing; balancing home life and law school life; health,beauty and wardrobe tips; romance in law school; final and bar exam prep and much, much more. I will be posting the link once the blog is up and running, but I would like to take this opportunity and ask if there are any other law school mamas who would be interested in helping out/contributing to the blog in any manner? Right now I am doing it all on my own, but I know I will definitely need help soon. Please let me know if any of you are interested. Even if you aren't a law school mama, you could still contribute.

Thank you all in advance and enjoy the rest of your summer!!


 on: June 28, 2015, 02:12:55 PM 
Started by cinnamon synonym - Last post by Maintain FL 350
The fragmentation is within the Democratic Party and "dueling progressive agendas"  and in the Republican Party between civil libertarianism and establishment conservatism.

I essentially agree about the basis of the Democratic split, but I think the Republican split I far more damaging to their overall chances.

The Republican split is at least a three way between establishments (Bush), libertarians (Paul), and religious conservatives (Huckabee, Santorum, etc).

 I would argue that at this point the Republicans are in a real bind, a Catch-22. Candidates can't win the nomination or the general election without the evangelicals stepping up and voting, but they're doomed with independents if they appear too evangelical themselves.

The Republicans have allowed this far right element of the party to wield too much influence for too long, and now it's biting them on the a$$.

Even though I'm a Democrat, I hope they figure it out and find a way to be nationally competitive. I don't want there to be one party rule for the next few decades. Competition is good for political parties, it helps minimize corruption. California is a one party state, and look where it got us.

 on: June 28, 2015, 03:45:11 AM 
Started by cinnamon synonym - Last post by cinnamon synonym
Don't you think that that is part of the humor as well?  Sometimes it's all in the timing.   

 on: June 28, 2015, 01:20:08 AM 
Started by cinnamon synonym - Last post by cinnamon synonym
Looking at it from an unbiased perspective - my guess is Clinton v. Bush.

Rubio is a strong contender, but is still too green. Obama was green, but had the charisma and smarts to win debates. Clinton would likely annihilate Rubio in debates. Rand Paul is an interesting candidate, but unlikely to garner enough support from the conservative base. Opposite is true for Sanders... interesting candidate, but unlikely to garner enough support from the liberal base.

Why would you think that sanders won't get the liberal base?  I think that it is the establishment democrats he needs to convince.  Sanders will probably win the New Hampshire primary.

And I would ask you /as I ask everyone\ what if clinton ends up with serious legal issues because of her foundation, or her email situation, her poll numbers continue to tank and she has to suspend her campaign?  After all it is not inconceivable.

 on: June 28, 2015, 01:13:41 AM 
Started by cinnamon synonym - Last post by cinnamon synonym
I think something interesting is going on with party fragmentation. 
As an independent this is going to be fun to watch. Swing states of course will be the ultimate obvious key and the primary voting states could lend momentum to any one candidate but I think outcomes will be static and two way three way ties on the republican side which will add a whimsy aspect-- thus the clown car moniker.

The major quirk on the democrats side is the fact that Clinton has many hoops to jump through if she wants to win because she needs ALL the souls at the polls -- has to have Obama turnouts if she is going to win the general.  She will not turn voters.  On the republican side if Paul can coalesce a majority of independents he could turn votes.  A friend of mine who is anti war but independent only recently started taking Paul seriously.  So, conviction is key if independents are to be swayed.

Clinton has oversaturation of familiarity while Paul is under recognized.

clinton is polarizing while Paul is less known but not unknown.  These are their major flaws.

The clinton campaign has the toughest battle because while the money is there her surreptitious, furtive behavior with regard to a private email server create daily visceral baggage compounded by her comments while standing over four coffins and grieving loved ones where she blames a video for their deaths lends an aura of suspended apprehension for the next shoe to drop.  So, whispers of corruption, secrecy and callousness erode away at the enthusiastic voter pool.

The fragmentation is within the Democratic Party and "dueling progressive agendas"  and in the Republican Party between civil libertarianism and establishment conservatism.

One thing is for sure.  I would not want to be a democrat hedging my bet with Hillary.  And, democrats are never enthusiastic about getting stale bread elected just regard Michael Dukakis and John Kerry.

 on: June 27, 2015, 01:34:28 PM 
Started by prashindia2008 - Last post by Abraham Lincoln Uni.
Hi Prashanth!

I hope all is well.

Law schools do not require applicants to have a specific major when applying to their law schools. For instance, an applicant can major in biology, history, civil engineer, nursing and apply to any law school. Typically, law schools look at an applicant’s GPA, extra curricular activities, LSAT scores, letters of recommendation, and interview skills if an interview is part of the application process.

The study of law opens up many doors for students. Many students who have undergraduate degrees in medicine, pharmacy, gerontology, or nursing choose to study law and end up practicing workers compensation, personal injury, or medical malpractice. Since you are an engineering major, you can go into patent law, civil litigation, contract law, or any other area that you might find interesting. You are not limited to just one area and once you are in law school you might find other areas that interest you such as wills and trusts, constitutional law, corporate law and even property.

If you are specifically interested in coming to the USA., your undergraduate degree, LSAT, and TOEFL should suffice along with letters of recommendation and your personal statement. You do not need to work as a paralegal or legal assistant prior to being admitted. It also depends on what the specific law school you are interested in requires. You can always visit the websites of schools that you are interested in and look at their admission requirements if you would like further clarification.

In addition, you may always apply for internships opportunities in big to medium sized law firms or even intern or work for a solo practitioner if you want more exposure. Also, you may contact your local court house and ask if they have any volunteer or intern opportunities for you.

Wish you the best of luck!

 on: June 25, 2015, 07:25:32 PM 
Started by geeklawgirl - Last post by i VIII π
That's a good point.

I went to law school at night with a family, and it was a HUGE strain on us even though my wife was very supportive. I was basically absent for four years. Every night was class from 6-10, every weekend was studying.

Law school is a million times more demanding of your time than undergrad, and your family has got to be on board in order for it to work.
THAT PLUS imagine your wife having to leave her job and relocate
and now imagine that PLUS the gender role reversal of a man being told to be what a lot of society basically would view as being a cuckold.......... (not endorsing the mentality just pointing it out)

 on: June 25, 2015, 07:23:12 PM 
Started by cinnamon synonym - Last post by i VIII π
I'm fairly active in Democratic politics (worked on a few campaigns, etc), and I can honestly say that the prevailing attitude seems to be "Let's hold our nose and vote for Hillary." Not exactly a ringing endorsement.

She simply does not generate the kind of excitement that Obama did, and I suspect that will result in lower turnout.

still better than how Republicans were with Romney. That was a funeral.

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