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If you get a 170 they may throw some money your way. I had a 2.78 and only 158 but got between $15-$20k from both Quinnipiac and W New England.

Well thats encouraging.  Although there is a world of difference between a 2.78 and a 2.09.  I guess I'll just have to keep practicing the LSATs and kick some butt on the actual test. 

I'll be applying to a couple of 4th Tier schools (Suffolk and New England School of Law) as a part time student for 2006.  I've been out of school, in the workforce for 10 years.  I graduated from BC in 1995 with a feeble 2.095 GPA.  But, based on my practice tests, I expect to score at least a 165 on the October LSAT and don't think its unrealistic for my score to approach 170.  I'm really hoping for at least partial scholarships based on my LSAT score.  Is that just a pipe dream because my GPA is so low, or will the 4th tier schools overlook that?

Thanks  for any feedback.  This board seems much better than that lawstudentparadise forum.   

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