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I'm withdrawing from Suffolk, so maybe you'll get that spot   ;)  I liked Suffolk a lot when I visited it, but Northeastern's co-op, etc. really impressed me.

What's your overall first choice thus far?

Michelle will you be attending the Reception on April 8th? I will, I don't know much people on this board that will be going and I'm really torn between Suffolk and Northeastern, that $$$$ from Suffolk is really tempting.

Hey Jontor, sorry I didn't catch up with you for that drink after the Suffolk reception.  The tour took too long I guess - I was afraid that would happen, but that was the third time I'd been there and I still hadn't seen the library, so I had to check it out.  Anyway, maybe we'll catch up at some point.  If not, good luck with your decision.  As I said, I envy your options, but I don't envy having to make that decision.

I'll be there in my 3 button suit, with tie.  There was an earlier thread that convinced me that 'business attire' meant 'suit' especially in Boston.  Still, I won't be surprised if I'm in the minority tonight.  Look for me - I'll be the guy in the brownish-beige suit with the bald spot.

BTW, in regards to the Suffolk/gym situation, I was doing some googling and I came across a schedule for the Suffolk undergrad gym facility that had Tuesday night blocked off as "law school intramurals."  So that would indicate to me that their gym is availble to law school students.  But I don't know anything about the gym or WHERE it is, so more investigation is required. 

To give equal air-time, I never toured the northeaster gym facility but I've hear it is about as good as it gets.

BTW, Jontor, are you going to the Suffolk accepted students reception tonight?

Thanks guys....Congrats NEWGUY! I understand your poor situation believe me I lived it and overcame it, attended school one semester living in my small 1990 toyota tercel, joined the gym that semester so that I can shower b4 classes and got a 4.0 that semester. But besides that you are still young..I'm only a year older than you, you should not let your credit be ruined if you can help it especially since you will be attending law school and a large amount of the loan you will bet getting to subsist yourself will be coming from private lenders which hangs on your credit rating. So whatever you do..don't ruin that credit will need it especially in law school and way beyond after law school, one thing I learned in this country for most of us here that don't have trust funds, your credit is your most valuable asset and you have control over it.

That said, I'm torn now between Suffolk and Northeastern, Suffolk's seat deposit is due April 16th and Northeastern's may 1st, I think I will send in both seat deposits while I do my ground work research, I plan on staying in Boston and both schools place quite as well here, but Northeastern's co-op program I really like and the fact that Suffolk is giving me 25K a year(with 3.0 minimum gpa on a B- curve) while Northeastern is giving me 8.5k a year makes making the decision even harder for me, please guys, I will appreciate any input whatever it is will be more than welcome. If I can be able to reach a decision b4 April 16th, that will save me having to make two seat deposits.  Thanks in advance guys.

Well congrats dude.  CNow its decision time.  The two schools couldn't be any different, top to bottom.  Northeastern is EXTREMELY liberal, practially noncompetitive, and not at all interested in technology.  Suffolk is conservative by comparison, EXTREMELY competitive, and prides itself on being on the cutting edge technologically.  It would seem to me that you'd either be drawn to one or the other, based on the environments alone.  Of course the co-op thing is a big wildcard - it affords you the unique opportunity to get real world exprience in diverse environments (BTW, some of the co-ops pay, some don't).  But, Suffolk does have a broad range of clinical programs, so that can offset it a bit. 

This is a decision I thought I'd be making, because I hoped I'd get into Northeastern.  My priority is getting a job that pays $$$ because I'll be putting my family in some deep debt.  Yet, I wasn't convinced that Northeastern's higher ranking would give me any edge in that regard.  Suffolk is ranked lower, but probably respect as well locally and certainly has a broader local alum base.  After visiting both schools, I felt drawn to Suffolk and I felt alien to Northeastern, so I had decided on Suffolk - I wasn't swayed by Northeastern's ranking - I think that is more  applicable to somebody looking from a national perspective.  The co-op program would have been attractive to me if I didn't know what I wanted to do, but I have paralegal experience , so I've got a feel for what sort of law I'd like to practice.

Suffolk has offered you 3x the money, so if you're drawn to the environment there, it seems like a no-brainer.  If this is a tough decision for you, I'm guessing you're drawn to the environment at Northeastern.  And if that is the case that I'm not sure anybody can advise you - you have to weigh the debt you'll incur at Northeaster vs the happiness you'll find there. 

Good luck - I'm sure you'll be successful with whatever you decide. 

Financial Aid / Re: Appealing a Financial Aid Offer
« on: March 19, 2006, 07:50:59 AM »
Ever since the very beginning of the law school application process, Michigan has been my dream school.  Now that the dream has the potential to become real, however, I realize that I may not be able to afford it.  Despite the fact that my parents combined income fits us solidly into middle class territory and that I stipulated on the Need Access form that my parents won't be contributing anything to my law school expenses, I was offered a package of nothing but the standard federal loans.  According to Michigan's web site, "in the 2005 entering class, 80 percent of students received some form of grant, in an average amount of $8,600. 51 percent of first-year students received grants based on financial need; 36 percent received grants based on academic merit; 7 percent received a combination."

Given this information, I find it hard to believe that my situation wouldn't qualify me for need-based grant aid.  What should I do?  The fin. aid email says that Michigan would be happy to re-evaluate my fin. aid application in light of special circumstances, but that the process wouldn't begin until mid-September.  I LOVE Michigan, but I'm not sure I'll be able to go there without any need-based help. 

Any advice or input you can offer as to what I can do to receive a grant prior to enrolling would be very, very much appreciated...

I can only speak for Suffolk, but thay made it clear that they would only reconsider your financial aid package if you have some new or different information.  IOW, they won't give you any money if you say, "but please, that just isn't enough . . . "

I got laid off last friday and my prospects of finding a new job that will let me work full time until August and then 10-15 hrs per week thereafter are slim, so I plan on appealing my financial aid decision.  But I'm not expecting much . . .

Incoming 1Ls / Re: what are you going to wear in law school?
« on: March 19, 2006, 07:45:22 AM »
Flip-flops are awesome.

They're OK for the ladies, if they're cute flip-flops.  But never for the guys.  And I don't think anybody should be wearing those blue adidas shower shoes in public. 

Just my opinion, and remember, I had the mentality of a grumpy old man when I was in college in the early '90's, so imagine me now . . .

Incoming 1Ls / Re: what are you going to wear in law school?
« on: March 19, 2006, 06:33:25 AM »
Overalls were definitely in when I was finishing high school/starting college. If they come back, between that and capris I'm screwed because I won't wear either.

As for LS, I worked in a fairly formal environment for two years and have almost nothing in terms of a casual wardrobe. Now I have one job in a casual environment and generally dress better than anyone else in the office. When I wear jeans to work, I feel guilty.

As long as we're talking about what's in and what we won't wear, I'd like to know who decided flip-flops were acceptable for ANY situation that doesn't invlolve sand or water.  I found them annoying when I was in college and I still do.  Casual is one thing, but there's no reason to go walking around in public, wearing your shower shoes. 

Ok Ok sorry I didn't mean to hate on all you liberal arts degree muther fers.  I know that it must have been as much work as the rest of us.  I know when I was graduating from the college of agriculture I thought man it sure would have been tough taking those three theatre classes to complete my english degree.  I mean what is harder than analyzing Shakespeere's works.  Thats it, I've turned into what I hate the most, a smartass with a chip on my shoulder.  I'm struggling with this process, my only outlet is to take it out on those that are in better situations than myself.  I'm angry, I'm not going to pretend I'm not.  I got rejected from my alma matter.  My stupid fing LSAt was 2 points above their fing median.  Now I have to move 2 hours away.  Why because I don't fit into the grand scheme of things for my alma matter.  I love that they sent me fund raising shiznit three days after rejecting me.  Yes, please let me give you money, all I want is to sue you some day to pay you back.  This is it, I've become angry.  I'm angry that these idiots that call themselves adcomms can't get past the black and white numbers that are in front of them.  I'm motivated, for all the wrong reasons.  I've developed a me against the world complex ever since I was rejected from every school in my state.  I'm done with it all.  I could care less about these institutions, I just got my diploma in the mail.  I think I will hang it in my circular filing cabinet (office rip off).  I payed 20 grand for that piece of paper, what a joke.  The education system is a joke, I suppose that law school will be the same.  Angry, bitter, and angry that I'm bitter.  Peace out.

Last thing you need is a lecture, but you're getting one anyway.  At least a small one.  In bullet point format. 

1) Shake that chip; it'll just weigh you down.

2) Sleep in your bed - you made it.  I'm sleeping in my 2.095 bed - it isn't so bad.  At least I have a bed.

3) Maybe you should spend some time away from this site, and away from reminders of all those other schools that didn't accpet you.  They didn't want you, so you're not going there.  Whining about it is just like waving some entitlement flag. Don't even bother dealing with it; just move on and focus on where you can go.  If those schools aren't good enough for you, you can either kick a55, as the other dude suggested, and transfer up, or else you can forego law school entirely and become a farmer or something.

4) I know about bitterness - I'm the king of bitterness, and for no good reason.  But something I learned a long time ago is this:  Bitterness is EXTREMELY unattractive.  People don't want to hear it.  If the bitterness helps motivate you, fine, but you'd do better to keep it inside - letting it out is like losing your temper - no good can come of it. And make sure you offset it every now and then with a bit of gratitude.  I know very little about you, but I do know that, in the big picture, you're an EXTREMELY lucky person.  The fact that you're posting here about your law school decisions means that you're doing a lot better than about 4 billion other people.     

Financial Aid / Re: Has Anyone Been Offered a FinAid Package Yet?
« on: March 16, 2006, 07:27:26 AM »
I heard from Suffolk on Tuesday.  They offered me a $5000 grant, a $1500 loan at 0%, and the full $8500 subsidized, $10,000 unsubsidized loans. 


Suffolk's curve SUCKS.  It's at a 2.7 or 2.67.

According to this thread,28316.15.html Suffolk #4 on the "most competitive" list.  I think this is mostly due to the curve.  I look forward to it.

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