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Choosing the Right Law School / How important is Phi Beta Kappa?
« on: June 26, 2007, 11:22:55 PM »
I turned down Phi Beta Kappa because I thought the $70 was too much.  Does anyone think this would have dramatically helped or hurt me?

I have heard stories of schools calling applicants that they are planning to accept off the waitlist and if the applicant does not pick up they will call someone else. Is that true?

I have heard that some schools will not even reject you from their waitlist, whether its by email, letter, or phone.  Is that correct?  I find it hard to believe that some schools will send out a letter notifying you that you have been placed on a waitlist and they won't send a letter rejecting you...

Good luck to you and I am sure you will do great in law school.

you are absolutely correct but I am concerned if La Verne loses its accredidation how the legal community will respond.  I am sure many employers and other legal professionals will try to look past Whittiers' probationary status but that does not hide the fact that probationary means just that, probation...  This is not to say La Verne will fail to gain full accredidation but it is a definite possibility. 

I am not sure how I feel about La Verne.  I do not think I would mind going there its just my pride that might have to take a hit.  Everyone wants to go to an established school that has a name...

True, but from my understanding La Verne has some tough competition with fully approved ABA schools around LA.  I am not sure if La Verne will gain full ABA accredidation...

Incoming 1Ls / Paying for Law School, your thoughts?
« on: June 20, 2007, 12:39:50 PM »
How is everyone paying for law school?  Correct me if I'm wrong but most people take out enormous subsidized and unsibsidized loans and postpone working.  Theoretically, this means that the loans will pay rent, food, leisure, etc. Correct?

In addition, do subsidized and unsubsidized federal (or state) loans adequately provide the needed funds or do most students also seek private loans?  Sorry this is so long.

thank you for the insight.  The whole ranking system gives me a headache.  How do schools like Tech place their graduates when they compete against so many schools in such a small area.  Not to mention West Texas is sparsely populated.  IDK but its driving me crazy...

I am seriously considering Texas Tech over Drake and Creighton, what are your thoughts?  It is my understanding that TTU does not place well outside of Texas, maybe because major cities are not within close proximity.  Whereas Drake and Creighton can place students in their respective cities as well as Kansas City and Minneapolis...

Incoming 1Ls / Re: what to do before law school?
« on: June 18, 2007, 01:22:48 PM »
scotch sucks...try the goose.

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