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Two of my uncles attended Drake and I was going to have one of there write me  LOR that I will use just for that school?  DO family alumni really help that much?

I have like two 900 word PS?

I was wondering if I can upload my PS, Addendum,sat scores, and resumer all through LSAC?  Usually there is nothing that I need to send to the law school on my own right? Everything can go through LSAC?

I am asking people to read over 2 different Personal Statements that I wrote.  I could use some more readers...

I am writing an addendum for a public intox arrest and low lsat.  Someone brought up the idea to include my bad sat scores as well.  What do you think?  Also if I do include how do I send them (on my own, LSAC).  I was under the impression when applying to law schools it is best to do so through lsac, how would i get lsac to send my sat scores.

Do you put Diversity Statement or Personal Statement as the title, or do use a catchy title?

I have written two separate personal statements and plan to write another.  Does anyone have a second to quickly read over these statements and tell me which they favor? 

Have you guys heard of any schools that allow you to enroll in for summer session and compete for a FT spot in the fall?  I know some schools offer summer programs but most if not all have pre-selected their participants.  Could I voluntarily enorll for a schools summer program and compete for a spot?

I recently went through some notes I took during law-day at my school.  We spoke with two admissions members from Pacific and Golden Gate.  They said to check schools for special admission programs.  I have heard that Denver has something to that nature and so does hastings.  Does anyone know of any t2 t3 or t4 schools that have these types of programs?  Does anyone know where AND how I would find this imformation BESIDES going to each schools website?  ANy help is appreciated.

Law School Admissions / Addendum for...?
« on: July 18, 2006, 10:19:16 AM »
Should I write an addendum for two prior convictions when I was 18 for minor in possession and urination in public (county ordinance)?  Or is it not worth bringing any extra attention to?

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