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I just killed myself at the gym

I just went to the gym, too.  But then the machines that I was using started to get crowded, so I left. :(

Were you at North Grounds?  If you like empty gyms, go to Slaughter... it's farther away but it's never crowded :)

North Grounds is closed...I was at my apartment complex.

I just killed myself at the gym

I just went to the gym, too.  But then the machines that I was using started to get crowded, so I left. :(

Thanks for the great, thoughtful feedback, everyone.  Wow... early October and turned in early JAN??? I had no idea it took that long.. holy moly.. :o

You can send in your applications without LORs and LSAC will send them along when they arrive...


alcohol is bad for you.

haven't you learned?

Hmmm...A new user who registered right before his/her first post?!...I wonder who it could be?  ;)

I would be so amazingly unpopular it would be ridiculous.

Or, very similar to my current situation...

There are enough mormons around to make not drinking reasonably acceptable ;)

By the way, which table were you at?

I've been soo stressed out from LSATs that I'm still working on my Personal Statement which i wanted to include in the "package" I'm giving to my recommenders.  The package will include things like statement of purpose, resume, papers i've written for their class, etc etc. 

I've been holding off asking them because I wanted to have a complete "package" ready to give to them first.  Should I just go ahead and email the profs today?? Is it too late?? Everyone seems to be halfway through this process but me.. :-\

I held off for this same reason.  I wanted to wait until I had the PS ready.  I waited until early October, and they were both in about the beginning of January.  So, ask them as soon as you can because they can (and probably will) take a while to turn them in.

Do law students do anything besides drink?

Not here.

They put a keg on school grounds weekly, and pretty much for every school function, except for the ones at 8 in the morning.  Went to an info session yesterday...serving wine.  It's Thursday?  Keg.  Any event on or near a weekend?  Keg.  Any social event designed to foster bonding amongst new students?  Keg. 

Ironically, I have been drinking a lot less since I came here, though.  :D

Why are you talking about skipping class?  You just started!

Exercise class.

They changed all the Marshall Field's signs to Macy's.  


You mean Hudson's?  ;)

Wow, whenever I think of Emily she appears.


Anyway, I went to Oakland Mall 'cause I had a sad hankering for Panda Express, and they changed all the signs to Macy's.

I was so upset I got a double scoop of Superman ice cream. 

What did they change to Macy's?

Ok guys, should I go to the gym now and do my own workout, or should I go to a class at 8?

I'm thinking class.  It may kill me, but I need a kick in the ass.

I like to do my own workout at night, when no one else is in the fitness center of the apt complex, and sing my head off.

That said, it might be fun to go to the class.


The question irritated me.  It's one that's, okay, if we grant it that sort of meaning that you're willing to, it's still not possible for us to weigh out the different factors for him.  He's listed them out, knows what they are, but has to assign his own values to these things.

And there are related useful questions he may have been attempting to ask.

That said, okay, it's POSSIBLE I could stand to be a little nicer about things like this.  :P

Whatever, hippie, you know that it's impossible for you to be any nicer  ;)   :D

I know!  So stop trying to make me be something I'm not, you anti-hippie hippie!

Go back to Maine and eat some Ben and Jerry's, hippie!  This will calm you down!   :D

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