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I applied for a private loan to cover moving expenses... If everything goes through, I hope to start driving out there on Monday the 6th. I'll get there a couple days before orientation and hopefully will have a chance to get unpacked and get furniture before orientation.  Are first day assignments due the 13th or the 20th?

I'm going to keep looking.  I'm trying to find a place in West Hollywood on the Metro.  I'd love to live around the gay population of LA, and I'm going to take the Metro everywhere.  The problem is that my "roommate" keeps going back on forth as to living together versus staying in Florida longer. I'm trying not to pay more than 900 a month for my half.  So I'm looking for studios as well.   I don't need to live right next to school as long as I'm on the Metro, and I've heard the area around school isn't so great... It's nervewracking.  Anytime I see an apartment I like, it's not available.

Nope... I have yet to get either... I swear I've called every landlord in LA and it just seems that nothing is available at a reasonable price.

I've got Civ Pro I, Property, Contracts I, Crim Law, and LAWS (writing and professionalism class) in the fall.

Spring: Civ Pro II, Torts, Elective (probably will take copywrite), and contracts II.

Nancy, I got my schedule today and the earliest class I have is 10 am.  Section B.

Nope, I haven't found a place yet.  I thought I was going to be moving out with friends, but they got so used to the idea of maybe staying here that now they are.... so now I'm going alone.  I really want to keep it within the school's housing budget and I am worried about that.   Also, I need to get private loans to move out.  I was provisionally approved for one yesterday, but I need proof of enrollment which I don't have yet... ahh... sorry, I am really, really happy but this is a lot in a short period of time....

Incoming 1Ls / Los Angeles Housing
« on: July 20, 2007, 07:03:46 PM »
Ok, so here's the deal.  I just got off the waitlist at Southwestern yesterday, and I have 2-3 weeks to get everything together and move out to LA.  Also, I can't visit before picking housing, and yeah, that is scaring the hell out of me.

I need to live someplace affordable (under 850 a month) that is safe-ish and near-ish to school (with public transportation).

Does anyone have any insight or need a roommate?  My friends were going to move with me, but circumstances changed...and now I'm still ecstatic to get in but scared.

I've used Craiglist, and I'm getting nowhere.

Does anyone know the names of reputable apartment complexes?


Congratulations on Southwestern Darlinalexi!!!  I know you really wanted to go there, you must be so excited!!  Yay, you're going to law school, I'm so happy for you!!!   ;D

Thank you!  You inspired me to wait for the right thing; I owe much of this to you :)!

Caleb called me at 12:55 eastern today! I'm into full-time. 

Cali- Best of luck, new classmate!!!

Congrats! I'm glad that you got accepted since you've wanted to attend so badly. I know that if you put this much effort into your classes, you'll do well.

Thanks.  The process of moving in a couple of weeks is a tad overwhelming, but I'm just trying to keep the energy level up.  Good luck to everyone still waiting!

Thank you, again.  I'm so gratful! 

Now to start applying for loans...

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