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Job Search / Re: Accepted SA position...meeting with attorneys from firm
« on: October 28, 2007, 09:06:33 PM »
Like the above poster said, this is what you're going to be doing every day as a SA so don't stress about it.  It should be a nice, relaxed meal.  If you have work questions, then ask them....if not, then don't try to keep it on work as I'm sure they'd love to talk about other stuff.  Obviously don't do anything majorly stupid that would cost you an offer, but beyond that just enjoy yourself and begin your quest to discover whether you like these people enough to spend at least a few years working with them.

Current Law Students / Re: Unpaid 1L summer internship at corporate firm?
« on: October 22, 2007, 06:45:31 AM »
I'm at a lower T1 and pretty much all of my friends who tried hard got paid positions.  One guy in particular that I can think of was ranked in the top 40-50% of our class and got two paid SA positions - one of them paying $2600/wk (as a 1L).  I'm guessing he had connections there, but still - he got the job.  He had already accepted an unpaid externship early on and committed to 5 weeks there so that cost him $13k for those weeks he missed.  I made $26k over the summer doing the type of work I wanted to do.  Not trying to brag and not trying to say that everyone will get one, just saying that it is possible.  I guess it depends on the market.  My guess is that Miami places well in Miami.  I'm not familiar with the market, but I would assume its similar to how USD places very well in San Diego because it's the best school around.  If your friend in NJ is willing to take you on now, chances are almost certainly that he'll take you on in the Spring - again it's just my opinion but I would certainly wait around.  I was probably wrong about the NALP guidelines.  The text is as follows:

Prospective employers and first year law students should not initiate contact with one another and employers should not interview or make offers to first year students before December 1.

Not sure whether that includes un-paid or not.  Your safest bet is to just ask your CSO.

Current Law Students / Re: Unpaid 1L summer internship at corporate firm?
« on: October 21, 2007, 08:19:00 PM »
I thought NALP guidelines said not to talk pre-Dec. 1st just for paid stuff, right?  Not for unpaid externships.  My advice would be to hold off for now.  You'll always be able to find someone who will let you work for them for free.  I would wait till my first semester grades come out in Jan or Feb and go from there.  If you didn't do all that well, then I'd find the best unpaid position in FL that you can that does corporate work.  If you did do well, I'd take the best paid position I could (hopefully doing Corporate work) in FL.  If you want to stay in FL, but don't have ties there, I would definitely stay there your 1L summer.  Having said that, though, it's not as bad as I've heard some people make it out to be in just say that you love that area and you know that that's where you want to live.  Either way...don't commit to anything now.  It is not hard at all to find people that will let you work for them for free (while they're billing you out at $150/hr), but if you commit to that NJ now you'll be ticked come Jan. if you finish near the top of your class and then have to pass up paid opportunities doing the type of work you want in the location you want.  I witnessed this first-hand with many of my classmates who signed onto unpaid externships early on.

Current Law Students / Re: Hypotheticals during DA job interviews
« on: October 21, 2007, 08:06:26 PM »
Certainly they aren't expecting candidates to somehow remember everything from Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure.  I don't know what they are looking for, though....yeah, like you said, probably just how you reason through the would probably be better to say something like "well...I know this issue is raised...and this issue...I don't remember the exact rule but I certainly would be able to look it up fairly quickly here" or something like that rather than to take a guess as to what the law is and get it wrong.

Job Search / Re: Do big firms hire from their support staff??
« on: October 21, 2007, 08:43:49 AM »
Someone I interviewed with at a big firm did fact I know some other people who've done it as well.  It of course requires good grades from a good school, though, but I think you'd have a leg up all things being equal.

Job Search / Re: Denver and San Francisco
« on: October 21, 2007, 08:37:17 AM »
SF = really expensive
CO = really cheap

I've never lived in Denver, but I interviewed there.  I've talked to about a dozen people from there who absolutely love it (very friendly, lots of outdoor activities, gorgeous, etc.).  I decided not to go because we don't have family anywhere near there.  However, there are a number of firms there that pay 160k and the cost of living is very low.

For example, click here to see CNN Money's cost of living calculator.  160K IN DENVER IS 266K IN SF!!!  Even if you made 266 in SF, though, you could *never* buy a house there like you could in Denver.  Denver is one of those unique places (along with some Texas cities and other locations) that just has a dirt cheap cost of living but market pay.  I don't think there are a lot of 160k openings there, but if you can get one you'd be set.  I interviewed w/ Cooley Godward (which is actually even better cause it's in Broomfield - 18 miles outside of Denver).  One associate said he had a 5 bedroom house on an acre and people made fun of him because he had the cheapest house of anybody there.  Not to mention the fact that everyone there has almost zero commute.

In general, the offices there will be smaller and you probably wouldn't get the same level of work (even at the V100 firms) that you would on the coast, but I think that's a small sacrifice to make.

Job Search / Re: Bickel and Brewer
« on: October 20, 2007, 11:33:24 AM »
Minimum Billables = 2400.  Starting Salary = 175k.  I don't know what their bonus structure is, but I think at quite a few firms that start at 160k, if you work 2400 hours you'll be up around 200k - certainly above 175k.  That being said, I don't know what kind of bonus you get there if you hit your 2400.

Job Search / Re: Law firm job titles
« on: October 19, 2007, 09:18:12 PM »
Depends on the firm, but the one firm I've talked to about it said it's basically when someone has been there a long time but isn't partner material.  So if you're in your 14th year but you just want to work the minimum hours and you don't have a book of business, you'd be Counsel.  I think some firms call this Of Counsel as well...although I think Of Counsel is more frequently used to refer to mostly-retired partners and/or part-time would-be partners.

Job Search / Re: summer associate offer in the wrong city?
« on: October 19, 2007, 09:14:25 PM »
Ditto - ask now!

Current Law Students / Re: POLL: How important is reading for class?
« on: October 19, 2007, 09:12:32 PM »
I think most people eventually settle into reading when you are likely to get called on.

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