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Black Law Students / Mixed Blacks' View
« on: November 04, 2006, 02:29:21 PM »
I met a mixed racial guy and he looks what Americans considered as black and only slight little features of him that doens't look black. He is partially East Asian and partially Native American.  He seemed very proud of his East Asian heritage, somewhat proud or neutral of his Native American heritage, but the samething cannot be said about his African/black heritage.  Is this point of view common among mixed black people?

If you go to a Houston law school,, say UH or South Texas, how much do you get paid for the summer and for your first job in a small law firm (less than 10 attorneys).

Summer clerk in small firms (less than 10 lawyers) in Houston pay:
1) $10/hour
2) $15/hour
3) $20/hour

Entry level attorney in small firms in Houston pay:
1) 40K
2) 60K
3) 80K

What are the hours like in these small firms and how hard is it to get a summer law clerk or an entry level position at these small law firms? 


Does anyone know how many members are in the adcom? Do they review the files invidually and then pass it to another adcom member? How long will the reviewing usually take before a decision can be reached, on average ofcourse.

Black Law Students / How Many Percent of the US Population is Racist?
« on: September 06, 2006, 08:59:46 PM »
How many percent of Americans is racist, if racism is defined as believing that, on average, there are differences, such as IQ, athletic abilities, tendency to be violent, etc. among different races? 

Please rank the following cities in order for opporunities for international law (especially with Asia):  NYC, Boston, LA, San Fran., DC, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Miami, Chicago, any others?   

Probably not, but there are few reasons that it might:

1) For the past few years, FSU has been raising in the US News ranking.

2) For the past few years, UF stayed at the same spot.

3) Currently, they are only few spot apart.

4) UF, now, takes 400 students each year, while FSU takes only 250 each year. 

Black Law Students / Colorism
« on: August 17, 2006, 04:06:08 PM »

Let's discuss colorism (inspired by gillesthegreat).  Anything (existence, non-existence, positives, negatives, right, wrong, etc.) goes.


This is, ofcourse, from your personal experience and please also mention your location (state and city). 

Which of the following ethnic group do you most likely to be friends with and what were your pesonal experiences with the other ethnic groups?

1) White
2) Hispanics ( if any subgroup such as Meixans, Puerto Ricans, Venezueleans, etc.)
3) East Asians (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean)
4) Southeast Asians (Filipino, Indonesian, Malays, Thai, etc.)
5) South Asians (Indians, Pakistanians, etc.)
6) Mixed people with some black characteristics. 


I thought these two are state school, why do they not offer instate tuition for instate students?

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