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That's exactly why I didn't do the essays.  I DID read the Anti-Federalist Papers for fun and it was actually the only book I had time to read for fun over the summer break b/c I was plugging through my reading list for one of my classes.  I could have just picked one of my favorite books, but that wouldn't have turned out much better either (I am an academic nerd and like books such as "Modernity and Progress") and, after my PS I was tired of being creative.  It's for the best, really.  I have enough apps!

yea i did my essay on Plato's Republic for Buffalo, so Im sure the Anti-Federalist Papers wouldnt have been too bad. All i did was relate why the book affected me, which I am sure you could do for the AFPs as well...

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Re: Deferred at Rutgers!!!
« on: January 16, 2006, 11:24:00 AM »
I also got deferred at Rutgers Newark a few days ago. I contact Anita Walton, the director of admissions, regarding the part time situation, because I, as well, would have taken a part time seat over nothing. She informed that the part time division and day division have no significant differences as far as numbers go. It is not easier at Rutgers Newark to go PT then FT. Most applicant who opt to do the part time program are those coming from non traditional students who require special circumstances, not just have a particular interest for the night sky. I have stats close to yours as well, and have numerous friends with even a tad higher stats, who all got deferred this past week at Rutgers. It seems to me unless you have a 160 off the bat, youre going to be deferred for a while...

Financial Aid / Re: Desperately need help with Financial Aid
« on: January 16, 2006, 11:19:12 AM »
Thanks SOOO much Typhoon. Your informative post really helped me out. One quick follow question... when you say send the first 6 out then wait and send another 6 out, how will we know when the first 6 are ready to go? Is there any form of notification or do we just wait 3 days and do it?

I applied to the University of Miami and still awaiting a decision, but they sent me financial aid forms out on 1/12. Of course in the letter, it states award is conditional upon acceptance.  I just think it's a little odd for them to send these forms requesting my financial info without giving me an acceptance offer.

Has anyone else received such?

yea i got the same thing. I got deferred at Miami back in early december I think and this was the first mail I have received from them since. I dont know what that means as far as a possible acceptance, but at least they did not write us off completely...

mine are 149/3.38, but thats with an average... duquesne takes the highest score lsat and i got a 150.

as for the city... its a great city no matter what you hear. its on the up. the town doesnt have too much night life, but its not like youre gonna need it anyway as a law student.

the city is tough to get around in a car, so unless you really need it... i wouldnt bring one.

the sports are great whether its a pens hockey game, a steeler football game, or a cheap ticket at the pirate game.

pittsburgh has a gorgeous skyline and a lot of cool stuff to check out.

the carnegie science center is AMAZING
pnc park is the best baseball stadium in america by far
the national aviary is great
station square is a fun time
the warhol museum is cool as well
plus the carnegie museums are out of this world as well.

i definitely recommend pittsburgh as a place to live... its great.

thanks man, yea i heard from multiple people that Pitt is a great city. do you know much about Duq or have any info or opinions on it?

hey man, my numbers were 152/3.62 and they accepted me. what about you? yea, all the infor u could give me would really really help cause duq is making its way to my top choice as well...

Hey guys, i am really considering Duqesne Law and would love to get some more information if possible. Any current students have reviews? anyone visited? anything about pittsburgh in general? All the info could really help me out. Thanks again!

Financial Aid / Desperately need help with Financial Aid
« on: January 14, 2006, 11:49:08 AM »
Ok I have quite a few questions about filing for financial aid and the fafsa.

first, i need to file the fafsa asap correct? How can i do this however, if i still havent recieved my w-2s from last year. On the fafsa app do i need to include my parents income? Another thing is I only worked about 2 months last year from oct-dec so my year to date is significantly low. I have no money in the bank, savings etc, so theres practically nothing to put on the fafsa. Is this going to be some sort of problem? Will it look sketchy that im including practically nothing?

Once i figure out how to fill the fafsa out, wht do i do about sending the stuff to law schools? I heard u can only add 6 school codes at once. Then what do i do about the rest? I applied to quite a few and need the info sent to all schools. how do i do this?

any other help or info would be really appreciated! thank you so much everybody!


Finally, finally, FINALLY!!!!

Acceptance from Franklin Pierce.  I'm so damn relieved, I can't explain it.  I know FP is only 4th tier, but this is my second shot around the block, and I'm just happy to know that I WILL go to law school in the fall.

I'm damn happy right now.

3.62, 157.

according to USNews FP is a tier 3...

Lilacs04 -

No doubt, we all have to keep a positive perspective.  Congrats on your acceptance to Pace - did they offer you enough $$ to sway you from your other prospects?  Your numbers will get you into most of your schools, IMHO - good luck!!

Thanks, lawgirl! Pace offered me 18K/year which is slightly more than half their tuition (I think their range of merit scholarships is 5K - 24K, so I didn't do too poorly). Even though they're a Tier 4, I'm sorely tempted to take them up on their offer -- will be even more tempted if Brooklyn, Cardozo, and Fordham all say no. I think this is a very unpredictable year for apps, with increasingly harsh lsat scales tempered by an overall decrease in's really feeling more and more like a crap shoot.

wow pace is tier 4? i always thought it was tier 3? has it always been in the 4's??

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