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Choosing the Right Law School / Re: USNews Law Ranks 2007 - Legit
« on: March 27, 2006, 11:56:33 PM »
I don't want to get in trouble. That's why I got the fake post name. I'm already releasing something that isn't supposed to be 'out'. If I went and posted the entire thing wouldn't I be looking at some sort of copyright infringement?

im pretty sure its copyright infringement already... but pleasssse put up the rest lol im dying to see the tier2-3 range

Well... i just got back from visiting Duquesne for a few days...

and I think I will be seeing a lot more of Duquesne...

Im going to send in my deposit tomorrow. I loved the school. The law school was very homey and "law-firm-ish" as opposed to alot of schools like shu and rutgers which have more of an "industrial" type feel. The faculty all seemed very well educated and accessible. I spoke with a professor after sitting in on a Properties class and she seemed extremely approachable and helpful. In fact, she talked to and explained the class material over to about 6 or 7 students who had trouble following along after class which I thought was very interesting... the classes seem small as well, with the biggest class being roughly 70-75 people and a legal methods/writing class of 20. One class i saw only had 7 students haha. I came from a small school (seton hall) so having the small school atmosphere in law school is a welcome and beneficial trait. All the students I talked to loved the school, and specifically mentioned it in comparsion to UPitt. They said Pitt is easier, but Duquesne (they believe) teaches you to be more like a lawyer through practical methods instead of ONLY theoretically. All first year students actually have to present appelate briefs in march for a yearly grade against each other in competition format, regardless of the type of law one's interested in. Lastly, i learned Duq places extremely well not only in Pitt but around the surrounding area, ohio, philly, jersey, NY. (just to reaffirm this I talked with a friend of mine who is a professor at Seton Hall Law who actually knows a few judges and numerous attorneys from Duq in NJ)

As far as Pittsburgh... I loved the city. We went out to hit the bars on southside the first night. Never in my life have I seen that many bars it was crazy. It was the perfect city environment, but found it to be safe and friendly. Our second and last night we went to the Boardwalk in the Strip District (aptly named because its a strip of bars and nightclubs as opposed to the other assumed connotation haha). THis area was a lot of fun and I got the opportunity to talk with tons of Pitt Natives. Their impressions of Duquesne Law were nothing but the best, and many even thought it was better then Pitt. Even though I dont plan to participate in the nightlife being a law student, its nice to know its there and that there is always something to do if one is bored....

Bottom line, I arrived in Pitt weary, and left convinced. Unless some miracle happens with a few pending apps... i will def be at Duquesne University School of Law in the Fall...

if anyone has any questions... please dont hesitate to ask...

take care everyone!

Well I just got back from Duquesne and to be honest... I loved it. The school was great and the area was fun and upbeat as well... i wrote more about it in my thread about Duq if anyones interested...

but ive pretty much decided to send my deposit into Duquesne. Barring any unforseen favorable admittances from a few pending apps... ill be a "Duke" this fall...

its nice to finally have some stablization and certainty

ive tried repeatedly searching, and I could barely find anything... im looking for the full rankings, basically what I am tryin to accomplish is to see the trends of lawe schools i am considering, specifically schools in the tier 3 and 4 range... if anyone could help i really really would appreciate it...


Just like the topic states, where can I find the past couple of years rankings? does anyone have them? I would really appreciate it!


haha i was there too atlas... and i will agree it was an awesome accepted students day. The liberty museum was a perfect place and the reception was great. Giv. Rendell was such a nice guy and I even got to speak with him for a few minutes. Im def not counting Drexel out, but im going to visit Duq on Wednesday. Once i have both visitations in hand, i will make my decision (although i have a feeling it will be very difficult)

Latin Lord, thanks so much for the words of encouragment... it really means a lot... i know you have heard it from hundreds of other people on here as well, but I was so happy you got in, let alone a tier 2! Im so happy for ya and with your motivation, i know you will graduate top of the class (make sure to put in a good word for me at your firm haha)

Lawschoolhopeful... im getting more and more intrigued and interested by Duquesne... i cant wait to visit and make a final decision. That cost of living is incredible though... im just worried if I can go from NYC life to Pitt life... this week will hopefully find out... and btw, what are your numbers? do you think you have a good shot? I really hope Ill see you there man if we both decide to go... we'll have to be top 2 of the class haha...

does anyone know anything about Duquesne's required classes? I heard they have an unusual amount compared to other schools? Do you guys think this is a good thing or a bad thing?

any other opinions?

thanks so much to everyone who has helped so far... your insight and opinions have really helped me in this stressful time...



AH... i visited FP a few weeks ago in Feb... and to be honest... i wasnt very impressed by the area... concord is a very dull town it seems with not much to do (although in law school you dont have time to do much) the facilites were nice and new... and it seemed like a freindly environment. the tour guide even acknowledged the fact that there were no provate mailboxes, just open folders for the students maik (thought that was rather unusual)... the one tihng that turned me off however, was that our tour guide as well as many students i spoke to said, FP is strictly IP. they pretty much conveyed that if I wasnt interested in IP, then go somewhere else. Half the kids i met were also science and engeneering majors... since im not into IP i felt really out of place and just didnt get a good feeling at all from FP....

if u have any questions about it let me know and ill do my best to answer em...

lawschoolhopeful, thanks for the info... im actually going to visit next week as well to tour the school and sit in on a properties class... id still be interested in your impressions of the school, and id be happy to offer my own... so are you pretty much set on Duq?

latinlord, my other choices right now are Duq, Drexel, Pace, and Widener... ive narrowed it down to the first three, but each has there own pros and cons and i cant even decide... duq is cheap, but in pitt, a place i know nothing about, and pace is expensive but like 30 mins from home in my tri state area... and drexels scholarship is so tempting, but there non acedidation is a problem.... so you see where i am running into a tough decision haha...

everyone else, thanks so much for the input... its so tough since i know nothing really about pittsburgh... it sounds like its a nice city with some good job opps, but i dunno if i wanna live the rest of my life there ya know? ill miss nyc and the jersey shore haha... any other input guys?

Choosing the Right Law School / Duquesne Law? Pros/Cons PLEASE help
« on: March 12, 2006, 08:38:04 PM »
Well the decision needs to be made in 2 weeks, and Im leaning towards Duquesne, but could anybody give me any outside opinions about the school? All I know is what I read from viewbooks so Im clueless to outside opinions. I heard some people talk about Duq haveing tons of required classes? Also what is Duq specifically known for? Does it excel in anything? Has it always been a Tier 3? Think it will ever move down to a tier 4? I could use all the opinions and info i could get pleeeeeeeeeease... the decision needs t obe made soon and im stuck. Thanks so much!


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