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With my subpar stats (152, 3.6) I didnt think I had a shot at Seton Hall... i was all set for Pace or Duquesne...but lo and behold I get a phone call from the Dean of SHU Law saying I was admitted into the Part-time day division! I cant believe I got into a T2 school which is ranked 70 in the country!! I just had to vent my excitement guys!!! Looks like I will be a Pirate in the fall!!!

Quick question about PT-Day, do we take classes with the FT students, just one less? and are we still eligible for federal financial aid?

Thanks guys again... gotta head out now to celebrate!!

Im in shock.... just got into SETON HALL LAW PT-day today!!!! I couldn't believe it with my stats (152 3.6)... Looks like my choice is finally made!!! What a relief!!!! Good luck to everyone else and have hope; I never expected in a million years to get into Seton Hall!

I am currently leaning toward NYLS, but contemplating the following:
NYLS vs. St. Johns
NYLS vs. Rutgers-Newark
NYLS vs. Seton Hall
I am dead set on working in Manhattan and want to work in a large firm... like the rest of the world, of course. Anyways, I am leaning toward NYLS because of location and a large # of people employed in the city, but am also considering St. John's, Seton Hall, and Rutgers-Newark.
What do you all think about NYLS as compared to these schools, in terms of getting a high-paying job in the city. The most important thing to me is that I work in Manhattan. The second most important thing is that my salary is as high as possible. I already know that Rutgers is better than Seton, but are any of these 3 schools better than NYLS in terms of what I'm looking for???
These are the stats that I have (from Martinadale):
# ppl employed in NYC from...
NYLS--2,389, median salary??? i've heard 95 private, i've also heard 75 and 83
St. John's--2,464, median salary 70 for private
Rutgers--958, median salary 101 for private
Seton--531, median salary 81 for private, also heard 74 and 95 (diff. years)

As you can see, no school takes the pack with both # employed and salary. Any comments would be helpful. Thanks!

if you have the option to attend each, i def wouldnt take the lowest ranked school over three very good institutions. I see what you are saying about the location, but I would say that factor would only pertain if you were comparing higher ranked schools in the midwest over a tier 3 in NYC. With each school being less then 45 mins from manhattan, youd have to be crazy to choose NYLS over the rest. I dont know if you have any scholarships for NYLS but that 38k or whatever it is up to now is a little too much debt in my opinion when you could go to rutgers, claim NJ residency with signing a 12 month lease, and pay 17k a year. I know if I were in your positions it would be 1.rutgers, 2. shu, 3. st johns, and ending the list, NYLS

I would say SHU, unless money is an option and the scholarship at hofstra will help... for that matter, obviously go with Hofstra... even though Catholic is a great institution, since its going down and not up I would count it out, plus it means a total relocation. Im from south orange, and actually go to shu undergrad... so i may be biased, but i visited the law school and loved it. granted the area is subpar at best, but its a great school nonetheless

Like the title suggests, is it really a disadvantage going part-time if you can go full time (for those who dont need to work full time and go to law school.)

I have the chance to go to a school full time and afford it, but i also have a chance to go to a school i like slightly better but can only afford it part-time...

i dont want to make a decision towards full time now influenced by my finances, then regret it for the rest of my life...

is part-time going to have any negative effects whatsoever, aside from having to go an extra year? will i miss out on summer job opportunities? will i be ranked with just the part-timers? will employers look at me differently since I went part-time? will i be able to join organizations and law reviews?

pretty much im asking the age old question of what is the difference between part-time and full-time pro and con wise...

if anyone who could shed some light on my questions i would be greatly appreciative... its coming down to the wire and I need to make a decision and this would help a bunch.

thanks so much everyone and I really appreciate it once again!


will going part time affect your 1L summer placement? what about job prospects? is pace known for anything else outside of environmental law?

just so you all know... i heard from a financial aid officer that the stafford loans will increase by 2000 next year... you will be able to borrow 20,500 starting in 07-08. I am not sure if the extra 2k is subsidized or unsub, but it was great news to hear nonetheless...

I understand the whole placement aspect, but my main concern here is would it be a big disadvantage going PT at one school as opposed to full time at the other... im in the same position as steve sev, i could afford pt at pace and struggle a lil for ft at duq...

thats funny because Im in practically the very same situation.... i got into both, leaning towards duq but pace is close to me home... id be really interested in the responses to this post as well...


well i just saw the new rankings for tier 3 and 4... pretty interesting... dont know how legit they are but i think theyre 100 percent real... catholic, hofstra, and syracuse dropped to tier 3, Franklin pierce down to tier 4, some other interesting changes... check it out...

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