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Hey everybody, im new here and need some advice or help on my law school situation. I have a 3.6 GPA from Seton Hall University, but my Lsat score was 152. I have great extraciriculars, president of Phi Alpha Delta pre law fraternity, chair on our pre-law club, staff writer for the paper, studied abroad, national sociaety of collegiate scholars and national deans list and all that stuff.... do you guys think my gpa and honors and awards will outweigh my lousy lsat score.... i am planning on applying to Seton Hall Law or Rutgers Law Newark... and as a safety maybe penn sate, syracuse or widener, but i really want either SHU or Rutgers...

what do you think my possibility of getting accepted is if i apply now. Should i take the lsat again in october (im graduating in the spring of 2006 so i have time) but im afraid i may do the same or based on pressure and stress possibly worse. Is a 152, 3.6 GPA and the aforementioned extracirriculars enough to gain admission? anyone with advice or an opinion please let me know, also of u have suggestions for alternative law schools or have been in the same situation please let me know. thanks guys and i really appreciate your responses and feedback!!


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