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Hey guys... here are my stats... UGPA 3.62 from Seton Hall University Major in Philosophy and Crim... LSAT 152 (i bombed it) tons of activities and honors, good LORS and PS...

So far heres my list...
Reach: Both Rutgers, SHU Law, St Johns, Catholic U., Temple, Villanova
Target: Hofstra, New York Law, Syracuse, UMiami, Penn State, Pace, Buffalo, FSU
Safety: Widener, Franklin Pierce, Quinnipiac

Does that sound reasonable? Any suggestions on what I could possibly add or change? Any advice or comments on any of the aforementioned schools? I am looking to probably do criminal law.. which has the best program? Which has the nicest campus? Which is ranked the best? Any other relevant information would also be really appreciated. Thanks so much in advance...


well i finished my lsat stuff, and now its time for me to gather my LORs and complete my PS... problem is... i dont know anything about the PS... what exactly should I include in it? what am i trying to convey? about how long should it be? should it be formal or informal? it should obvisouly be in first person right? i write for my school paper and consider myself a pretty good and creative writer, i just dont know much about the PS or where to begin... if anyone could help me i would be really really appreciative. Thanks a lot guys!!

Studying for the LSAT / Should I take the LSAT again?
« on: July 14, 2005, 02:20:25 PM »
Hey guys... in June I got a 152 on my lsat... now im debating whether or not to take it again... In my kaplan course, my practice tests were 153, 155, 151, 156, 157 in that order. Come test day I somehow got a 152. i want to apply to schools like syracuse, penn state, seton hall, rutgers, etc, but im wondering if its worth taking the lsat again. Say i get a 157 (the best i pretested) it only averages to 154.5... is a 2 point increase really worth a second test, granted thats if i even top my score out. What do you guys think? should i go for it, or use my 152 and my 3.6 and cross my fingers? any advice would be helpful thanks!

Law School Admissions / Few Questions about Admission
« on: July 07, 2005, 03:55:38 AM »
I have a few questions about the admission process hopefully some of you could help... i plan on attending law school in the fall of 2006. I have recieved my LSAT score already, and am gettin LOR and personal statement ready... when should i apply? if i were to apply in september of this year would that be too early? also, how long does it usually take if i were to apply in sept to find out (and what are the specifications of ed and ea)... lastly, if one were to get rejected from a school, can they reapply at will or will the previous rejection hamper their possibilities of acceptance and is there a period one must wait before applying again? i know its a lot of questions, but any answers would be more the helpful! thanks!

anyone who got accepted to SHU or either Rutgers schools, can you please tell me what your LSAT/GPA combos were. Also, everyone who got rejected, could u do the same. Im trying to see my chances of acceptance and would really like to see wht other people acheived to gain admission... thanks a lot guys i really appreciate it...

Hey everybody, im new here and need some advice or help on my law school situation. I have a 3.6 GPA from Seton Hall University, but my Lsat score was 152. I have great extraciriculars, president of Phi Alpha Delta pre law fraternity, chair on our pre-law club, staff writer for the paper, studied abroad, national sociaety of collegiate scholars and national deans list and all that stuff.... do you guys think my gpa and honors and awards will outweigh my lousy lsat score.... i am planning on applying to Seton Hall Law or Rutgers Law Newark... and as a safety maybe penn sate, syracuse or widener, but i really want either SHU or Rutgers...

what do you think my possibility of getting accepted is if i apply now. Should i take the lsat again in october (im graduating in the spring of 2006 so i have time) but im afraid i may do the same or based on pressure and stress possibly worse. Is a 152, 3.6 GPA and the aforementioned extracirriculars enough to gain admission? anyone with advice or an opinion please let me know, also of u have suggestions for alternative law schools or have been in the same situation please let me know. thanks guys and i really appreciate your responses and feedback!!


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