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Law School Admissions / How to send transcripts
« on: August 17, 2005, 02:48:28 PM »
I want to send my transcripts finally, but I just wanted to make sure of what to do. Pretty much I just print out the form, hand it to my registrar, and they do the rest? do I have to provide an envelope or postage or anything? how do I know when LSAC recieves them? will it say processing as the status or anything, or is my recalculated gpa my only indication of reciept of the transcripts? If anyone could help with these answers I would really appreciate it! Thanks

I was just looking at Fordham App and I dont see anything about a PS. I see an optional question asking about disadvantaged backgrounds but nothing along the lines of a PS. Am i missing something here or should I not send Fordham a PS when applying?

hey guys, can someone please read through my PS and critique it? if possible, can u guys find a way for me to shorten it, because right now it is well over the recomend length. Is it strong enough to be this long? What can I take out? anyone interested in helping? i would really appreciate it. thanks in advance!


Law School Admissions / Law School Resume...
« on: August 14, 2005, 01:31:09 PM »
For your law school resume, should you just attach your normal resume? Is there a different or better format for law schools. I want to begin working on and editing my law school resume but dont really know where to start. does anyone haqve any sample resumes they would be willing to share so i could get an idea? thanks in advance guys!


I know most PSs are supposed to be double spaced. My PS double spaced is 4 Pages, but that is because i have a quote in the beginning and end of the work that takes up probably a good paragraph combined. If i space my PS 1.5 instead of double, it fits nicely on 3 pages, without crunching the words together. Do you think law schools will look down on this if I do it? will they think im tryin to pull on over on them? Of course i will try to edit my statement down, but if all else fails can i do this?

Choosing the Right Law School / Is Part time really that bad?
« on: August 12, 2005, 10:10:50 AM »
I am thinking of applying to a few schools where I assume I will only get in as a part-timer. Is it really that bad being a part time student? Whats the difference (other then credits of course) between being a part time or a full time student? Will I get the same ammount of education, same law school expereince, same job offers at the end of my 4 years? Any thoughts on part time students would be really appreciated.

I know this is a really dumb question, but maybe someone could help me out with it...

If i were to apply to all 20 of my schools via lsdas online, lsdas sends them my lsat, my transcripts, and my LORs. What about my PS? If I were to tailor my PS to each individual school i realize i need to send the PS to each school seperately, but whats to garuntee your PS will find its way to your actual app. It feels discomforting sending ur whole app pretty much online, then sending like the PS and Resume via Snail-mail. Is this the case? do i have to send out about 20 envelopes of PS and resumes? In this case should I just do the schools paper apps? any help would be appreciated!

Well ive trashed my other topic and want to start over again... i was wondering if you guys could give me some advice or impressions about this topic...

i was thinking about writing how a year and a half ago, my mother was dealing with a lawyer regarding bankcruptcy proceedings. This lawyer ended up messing up pretty bad and we were forced to lose our house that we lived in all our life. Should i write about how this bolstered my interest in law or how i overcame the hardship of moving into a small apartment with my mother and never losing my devotion to law school and still keeping my grades high and head in school.

does this sound like a good topic? one of my questions is whether i should really be writing a statement about my dislike for a lawyer, i dont want to sound like im going into law shcool full of resentment, but it is a topic which contains adversity (which i have heard is always a good choice) so what should i do?

Law School Admissions / How long to calculate LSAC GPA?
« on: August 10, 2005, 02:50:28 PM »
Hi, i am planning on sending my transcripts into lsac soon, and was wondering how long it normally takes to convert my GPA. Reason being, I am wondering if my gpa will go down or up which will thus severely effect my choices of where to apply. My LSAT is pretty week, and I am relying on my 3.67 gpa to help out. If that goes down, i need to look into a few different schools...

ps. if anyone knows how Seton Hall Undergrad is converted, that would help immensely!

Well I sat down and started writing my PS today and the words flowed like water. I wrote an amazing PS... problem is it turned out 3 full pages double spaced. I went through and there really is nothing I can take out without ruining the impact of the peice. What should I do? Will schools really care that its a page over the norm? Any advice would help. Thanks!

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