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Hey guys...
I took the June LSAT and bombed with a 152. I was going to just accept my score and use my high gpa to balance it out and apply to some lower tier 2s and tier 3s... but now im having second thoughts and wondering if I should take the LSAT again in Oct. Is it worth it for the extra few points? My pretests ranged from a 153, 155, 151, 157, 156... so even if I do my best practice test ill prolly average to a 155. Should I risk it? Should i just keep my 152? Is a 154 or 155 gonna look THAT much better then a 152 at some of the bottom tier 2s and tier 3s? I cant wait till Dec so thats not option... its either take it now again, or keep my score and send my apps out and preay for the best. I am in desperate need of advice though... what does everyone think I should do? Late registration deadline is Sep 9th so I need to make my decisions soon... HELP!!!


Law School Admissions / Whats the typical GPA to LSAT Ratio?
« on: September 02, 2005, 01:06:57 AM »
I know for each school its different, but it seems to me most schools put more pressure on the LSAT score instead of the UGPA... what would u guys think that breaks out to? 60% lsat 40%gpa or 70/30? or less? just lookin for some opinions...

Out of curiosity, how are Syracuse, Albany, Quinnipiac, and Peirce Whats the best out of the 4? Best programs, prestige? campus? location? technology? etc... if I could get some opinions from everyone i would really apprecaite it.

Law School Admissions / Whats considered a history of poor testing?
« on: August 28, 2005, 02:03:30 PM »
what SAT range would constitue a history of poor testing?

Hey everyone... i was wondering if u all could give me opinions on where i might be able to get in based on my scores... my gpa is 3.62 UGPA 3.59 converted... but my horrible lsat turned out 152 53%ile. I have strong LORS and a really good personal statement. After looking up most schools in LSN, I noticed numbers like 154 and 155 but with subpar GPAS... does this mean with my GPA they might accept the lower LSAT score? Like if my LSAT falls below the 25% but my GPA is above the 75% does that give me a fair shot? Obvioulsy its diff for each school but in general i am wondering.

My list of schools so far is, Full time or part time for SHU, Rutgers Newark, and Rutgers Camden. Then full time for NYLS, Qunnipiac, Albany, American, Catholic, Peirce, Hofstra, Syracuse, Vermont, Widener, nova, UF, FSU, UBuffalo etc... I know its a long list, but do you guys think I have a decent shot at some of them? I know there are quite a few of reaches on there. Ideally I would love to just go to SHU or Rutgers and stay in Jersey where I reside.

I really am not confident with taking the LSAT again, bc my pretesting ranged between 151-158... so wht do u guys think? any feedback or advice? thanks!

Law School Admissions / Confused about Academic Summary Report
« on: August 24, 2005, 02:09:37 PM »
Well I sent in my transcripts last Friday and they were finished processing today (rather quick I know!) But i am really confused. My UGPA from college is a 3.622, but on my summary it is a 3.59. I have no withdrawls, incompletes, or Fs, so I dont understand what would account for the drop in the GPA. We use the same 4.0 scale so im confused. Could it be that my institution offers +'s? Can anyone help me figure this out?

Law School Admissions / Odd Request, but can someone look at my Resume?
« on: August 23, 2005, 11:14:47 PM »
I see countless PS requests on here, but I was just wondering if someone could check out my Law School Resume and tell me what they think. I looked at Anna Iveys book, but found I couldnt incorporate a lot of what she was asking us to do in a 1 page snap shot of yourself. If anyone would be willing to take a look at mine and tell me what they think I would really appreciate. Thanks in advance!

I wrote my personal statment about certainty and how nothing in my life is certain or something along those lines. My question is though, will law schools look at this harshly... Law is a profession that centers on rational discourse and logical debate. The LSAT exemplifies this point. I know that in todays world, many professors (especially philosophy profs.) talk about how we can never really know anything, how ideas are subjective and we must be tolerant of all other views, even suicide bombers intent on killing us... which is kinda of what my essay focuses on, the uncertainty in my life... but is this kind of thinking not suitable for law school? Law school is about who can provide the most powerful argument to logically defend one side of an issue...and maybe the whole "certainty is non-existent" and "I have apprehended and grasped the true nature of this world; that there is no true nature at all" spiel doesn't fit.

What does everyone think. The essay turned out stellar, but a friend commented on this theme of certainty and got me a lil worried. I would love to hear what everyone else thinks. Basically I am saying i was always certain about my future, all this adversity came, changd my life, etc... so i cant say anythings certain anymore... its pretty deep yet expresses a lot about myself and my character... will this make me look like a uncertain and weak applicant? all comments and advice are def. welcome. Thanks guys!!

Well i gave it to a few friends to edit for grammer and content and even a few professors. I would love, however, to get some people on this board who know their stuff about law schools and PS's in general... to pleasssse read it and give me all the critiques or advice or comments possible. I know there are tons of requests to read PS's but im about to send mine out in 2 weeks and I just want some more educated people to take a look at it (not to belittle my friends and profs, but I feel law school students are a breed of their own lol and would probably know more about PS's then most). Well guys, thanks so much in advance to anyone who reads it and I really apprecaite it. Take care


The other day I tried to access a few schools applications via LSAC. When i click to open the application, i am prompted by a beige bar in the top of the window to install ominform active X controls. I click install, and then the page says click here to refresh or something. When i click to refresh it, it prompts me again to install the aformentioned. It is in a continuous repetitive loop and i cant access any applications. Has anyone had this problem? How do I fix it? How can I get help on the subject. Thanks a lot and hopefully someone will help. Thanks in advance!!

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