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Law School Admissions / Many Questions about App after its Sent in...
« on: November 01, 2005, 11:29:49 PM »
I just sent a few apps in via LSAC, but i have a number of questions Im hoping I can get answered...

first, i filled out the apps, printed the cert. letter, and paid for a new report. Then, when i log into lsac, it says "Order #260174063 is queued for processing." in red. Does this mean my card is being processed? or LSAC is processing it and then will send it out?

next, what do i do now? The law school has to request the reports that i paid for, and thewy are automatically sent if i have enough reports on file? is there anything else i need to do?

lastly, as far as LORs go, do i have to do anything with those. i have 3 and they are all general and each school i applied to will accept up to 3. Does this mean LSAC will send all three and i dont have to do anythign. What about schools that requaire 2, but will accept 3, will lsac send only 2 or send all 3...

i know these are very remedial questions, but the stress of law school apps is frying my brain.... thanks everyone!!!


There are a few schools where I am applying that I figure I can only get accepred part-time, which really isnt a problem for me. The only thing is, i would love to go full-time if the opportunity arose. On the applications, it says select only one division, and if denied, it will be reviewed for the part-time division. I am wondering if it would be to my advantage to put part-time originally on the app. Like do they fill most of the part time spots with people who actually requested part-time, then use the remainder for people who were denied full time. Like they have no garuntee these people denied of full time will even want a part time offer, so wouldnt an applicant with an express desire to part time get a little more clout? I dont really know if I am making myself clear or not, but pretty much I am wondering if my numbers are subpar for full-time, will I have a better shot getting in part-time if i check the part time division box in the apps as opposed to checking full time, getting denied, then being considered for part time??? thanks

Law School Admissions / Law School Forums and Fee Waivers
« on: October 20, 2005, 09:07:15 AM »
Hey guys, i am heading to the NY forum this weekend and was wondering how often they hand out fee waivers. If i make a good impression on an adcomm, can they just hand me a fee waiver? I think i remember reading on LSD that forums give out fee waivers left and right... is this true? If anyone could let me know I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance!

I am doing my apps online through lsdas right now and have a quick question regarding what to fill in. In the spaces for honors and awards, extracirriculars, or work experience, they only give three lines usually at most. I am not able to fit everything in there, but i heard writing "see attached resume" is also frowned upon. I kind of am i a catch 22 here. I want to list all my stuff in those short lines and id hate to leave stuff out, there is just no room for it all. I tried abbreviations and everything but still to no avail. What do u guys think I should do?

Ok guys, i finally have my LORs in and am ready to send in my apps. I have a few final questions I could use answered however.

First, once i submit the applications, i pay the app fee right? then can i also pay the report fee at that same time? Will my letters be automatically sent with my transcript? Pretty much, when i submit my app, does that mean I am done?

Second, if i have recieved fee waivers, how do I use them when applying through LSAC?

Third, I can attach all my supplemntal forms, such as PS, Addendum, and Resume, all while im sending out the completed app?

Anything else you could let me know about the process I would really apprecaite it. I went to LSACs webstie, and read up on this stuff, but just got a tad confused, i could use some help from my peers in alleviating this confusion and helping me get my apps out asap. thanks!

Law School Admissions / Gimme the Ins and Outs of Applying via LSAC
« on: September 13, 2005, 11:18:54 PM »
Ok, its getting about time to send out my apps but im a lil unsure of how to do this. I got my transcripts sent in, lsat done, and ps and resume complete, all i am waiting on is my lors to be recieved. Now, once they are recieved, what do i do? Fill out a certain schools application, then what? what is a report? ordering a report means what exactly? when a school requests ur report, what does that mean? its a lil confusing lol. If someone could give me a brief tutorial on what i need to do exactly i would really appreciate it.

Law School Admissions / P.O. Boxes and address change?
« on: September 11, 2005, 11:19:32 AM »
This is probably a very stupid question but, will law schools send acceptance and denail letters to P.O.Boxes? I remember reading many people refuse to send stuff through P.O. Boxes due to the size, and Im wondering if I can list a P.O. Box to recieve my answers. Reason being is I am currently moving in a few weeks and do not have the permanent address yet, but i would still like to send out my apps. Any suggestions? Am i able to just use a P.O. Box? Also, how do i go about chanigng my address with lsac, is it going to be a big hassle and impede my application process???

Choosing the Right Law School / Very Overwhelmed...Am I being unrealistic?
« on: September 06, 2005, 12:06:09 AM »
Im starting to get real depressed and overwhelmed as the application process draws near. Am i being unrealistic that I will get into law school? I have a 3.622 (3.59 LSAC) and a 152(53%) lsat. Went to SHU undergrad. Misc activities such as Pre law frat president, honor societies, essay contests, etc. No impressive work experience... going directly from undergrad to law school. Good LORs and PS. I thought i would have a decent chance at places like syracuse, quinnipiac, shu part time, (reaching) for rutgers part time, safety as widener, stuff like that... but a friend just informed me that her 3.6 and 150 kept her out of everywhere last year! She didnt get accepted anywhere. Now i am totally going nuts. I cant see taking a year off and I cant think of any job I will get with a philosophy degree! My whole life's plan was to graduate then head straight to law school. Im not even tryin to get into a great school. Ideally i would love a bottom 2nd tier and id settle on a third tier. I cant see myself going to a 4th tier, but now i feel id be lucky if i even got in there! I have been debating so much whether to retake the lsat or not, but I am not confident i can do much better and i cant take some time off to study.

I dunno i am probably just ranting now I just have been so upset after recieving that lsat score and getting the news from my friend about all of her rejections. I guess i could use some reassurance or some cold hard facts. I know law school is right for me, I proved my work ethic throughout all of undergrad... i cant believe like all these years of getting great grades and being on the deanslist may get washed away by one stupid test though, its ridiculous.

Well anyway, thanks for listening everyone and i would really love it if u guys would chime in and give me ur advice or opinions or thoughts on all this. Im just so stressed right now with all this law school stuff its horrible! thanks again... take care


Studying for the LSAT / Best Study Materials for Quick Review
« on: September 03, 2005, 11:46:34 PM »
Ok, I know a lot of u will not recomend me to do this, but i have decided to retake the lsats in Oct. I took a kaplan class back in June, so i have some knowledge, but i need some study materials to refresh my memory and get my brain thinking back in LSAT terminology... so what are the best books i can buy that will help me rekindle my studying process???

Visits, Admit Days, and Open Houses / Is Quinnipiac that bad? Opinions
« on: September 02, 2005, 11:38:57 PM »
I know its a tier 4 but im thinking of applying as a safety school. How is Qunnipiac... as far as research goes it seems like a beautiful campus, nice location, and very technologically advanced. Is it really that bad? How is job placement if you succeed well in Law school? Will anyone respect a degree from Qunnipiac?

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