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ok, pm me

So how are other career switchers handling the PS?  I am finding it hard to show how much I think the law is the career for me since you know....I switching from another career I chose at one point. ;D

I'll read a few more.

I think an essay about yourself and why you would be great for law school will probably in most cases always be a little over the top and cheesy.  Just make sure you back the cheese up with examples and facts.

most books would say no.  It would convey little personal info about yourself.  But who knows, might turn out good.  But keep a backup idea on deck.

Hey Chvti,

I would definitely take some time to read and improve your hold on the English language.  Even if you have to take a year or two off, take clasess, ect.  Don't jump into LS right away.  Even the lowest tier school will still cost a bundle and your right that LS will be a struggle for you with your current reading level.

So you are looking at a possible low class rank at a low ranked school, but with the same debt as everyone else.  The job prospects just might not be there at the end of it.  A couple of years of work experience may be the best thing for you after UG.

Just my 2 cents, I could be completely wrong.

Best of luck.

send away

Take a look at the PS question from the schools you are applying to.  Some are vague and just want you to give them something about yourself.  If that is the case, talk about what makes you, you.  Others will ask flat out why you want to go to law school.  You should probably do an essay for both.

However, and some applications even say it, don't rehash your resume in story format.

Good luck.

Talking about your father is fine, as long as you can show how it shaped your life in a positive way.  Also include your mother, as I can't see how you would talk about either one without addressing the other anyway.

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