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Sure, send it my way.

Some people on this board had theirs faxed?  How did that go about?

So what is everyone giving there Recommenders to help them?

I am thinking just my PS, and maybe Top10 recommendation tips, and addressed envelope.

Questions though, is it possible to get an envelope that is either priority mail or certifed?
Should I ask them to make a photocopy in case it gets lost?

Start now, it may take a while.  Especially if you are not sure what to write about yet.  I would just sit down and jot down a rough sketch of your theme.  A complete overhaul of your PS is not uncommon, so the more time you have the happy you will be with the end result.

Just a few days??  ;D

I'll take a look.

I'll read, but it better not be as cheesy as this thread title!  ;D

I'll read, PM me.

sure, send it my way.

PM me.

Sure, PM me.

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