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Current Law Students / To bar loan, or not bar loan...that is the question.
« on: September 27, 2007, 11:43:49 AM »
Well... it's not really a question for me. It's just a matter of time until I sign by the "x", once again.... I, like many of you, will probably be low on dinero/near broke during summer 08, especially with my Bar/Bri bill hanging over my head. The idea of signing on for several thousand more dollars of debt (and probably at a variable interest rate) turns my stomach. But at the same time, the last thing I want to worry about during my bar prep is how I'm going to eat or provide shelter for myself. No one ever said becoming a lawyer was easy or cheap - I'm just trying to get ready for the incoming bills.

I'm just curious to know if anyone has starting looking into applying for a bar-study loan for 2008. I was thinking of going with Sallie Mae, but was wondering if any of you have other lenders that you recommend. I last heard that we can borrow up o $15,000 but I'm not sure if the amount has increased. I'm also trying to get an idea of how soon we can get our hands on the cash, considering that Bar/Bri will need to be paid next semester, we will have to start submitting state bar applications (and the fees....ugh).

I'll post any news I find out as I continue my search, but I'm also curious to hear about any info others may have.


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